Thursday, January 5, 2017

Roots of Power

January 5, 2017

One of the articles I was reading in regards to "minimizing" things in your home, talked about starting at the bottom and working up. If you clean your basement first, when you clean out the kitchen, a closet or a bedroom upstairs, you arent going to want to dump the pile of things you arent sure of into your basement, it will be way to clean and organized for that. You will have to make a choice what to do with the items at the exact moment you pick them up. "Do I want this?" "Do I need this?" "Where can I store this?"

I really like this thought process and I am certainly going to use it in my quest to minimize my belongings. I am however in a time crunch to get everything out of my basement so the process might be driven by the fact that I am going to pay for a storage unit until I have a place to put things. Pretty sure thats the only way this is going to happen, as it is going to take a while to dig through it all. Maybe if I bring it back piece by piece and make hard decisions as to where I can store things once I see how much storage space I actually have... it will be easier. Maybe I am just fooling myself, but I am sure that I will not want to pay into a unit for any longer than I have to.

If you think about it. This can be a process that can be applied to a lot of things in life, not just cleaning your house. Right away, I think of the basement as the "root" of the problem. So if the root is healthy, the rest of the tree is going to be pretty well nourished.

I have been through some pretty tough times in my life. No, to some, the things I have been through might not even scratch the surface, but others can sympathize. I was/am lucky enough to have very supportive and strong parents as well as other roll models in my life to help me get through these times. They act as the "roots" to my life. They nourish my mind to help me keep healthy and strong. I can sympathize with someone who has gone through a tragedy (or multiple) in their lives. I know what it feels like, I know the burn, the pain, the fear. Its terrible. However, I made a choice. The choice to stay rooted, to stay strong and to keep nourished.

I can not say that my life is all roses. I am not an easy person to live with or rationalize with. I have a strong head... and maybe, just maybe thats why my roots have stayed strong.  I have melt downs. I have anxiety. I am human.

There are some people in this world who are not as lucky. Their roots are not as strong. No matter how many times they are nourished, they can not stay grounded. It is so unbelievably hard for me to comprehend... but it really makes me think about how lucky I am, that even in my darkest of times... I can still see the light. I personally, have never been clinically depressed... nor have I had an addiction. However, I have been surrounded by it my whole life.

In the last two days I have learned of two deaths that really hit home with me. A very good friend of mine had a lifelong friend commit suicide. The "life of the party" the "fun guy" with "so many friends," decided that it was time to end his own life. It makes me to sad to think how much he hurt inside to have done this to himself. That his roots were so weak that he didnt know what to do anymore or how to restore them, not by anyone's fault, including his own. He couldnt see that his friends and family all thought the world of him and loved him.

Another, a young woman, a mom, a sister, who just like me lost her big brother tragically at a young age, taken by addiction. No matter how hard she tried, she couldnt get those roots to dig into the ground so they could keep her healthy and strong. She was sick. She suffered from an addiction that made her feel good and made the burn, the pain and the fear go away. This is just such a tragedy for her children, her parents and her remaining living brother. My hear aches for them. I pray for their whole family and those children... that their roots stay strong and they are able to overcome such a difficult disease to understand.

I deal with depression in my life daily with more than one person. It is so hard to understand from the outside. It is so hard to bring back life to roots that have been damaged, but I really in my heart of hearts, feel like the person to whom these roots are connected to has the power somewhere within to make a choice. If they can get the help they need and not succumb and let it slowly bring them down they have a chance to grow stronger, healthier and live a long life.

Please, help someone, anyone you know who has an addition or you think they are suicidal... help them reestablish their roots...
Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 800 273 8255
American Addiction Hotline - 877 743 1468

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