Sunday, January 1, 2017

Let it Go!

January 1, 2017

Hi, its me again. Geeze, its been quite a long time since Ive blogged. Life came first. In the months that have passed we have experienced so many "firsts," so many good times, lots of laughs... a few vacations... and most of all, made so many memories. All of which I hold so deep in my heart... time flying by quickly and my squishy newborn baby is now almost 2 years old. He has celebrated his second of every holiday except Valentines day... he talks up a storm... counts to 10... sings songs... and gives the very best hugs and kisses. From the moment I laid eyes on him, I just couldn't imagine my life without him.I have seen lots of posts about how bad 2016 was... I had a great year and I am not going to be sorry for that.

I am going to jump on the "New Year" band wagon and talk about what my plans/goals are for 2017. Though, I dont feel like it necessarily needs to be a new year, a new month or even a Monday to set or start or set a goal, there is something about new years that almost makes your mind think "this is the year." The start of a new chapter, day 1 of 365.

For me 2017 is going to be a cleansing year. My focus is to rid myself of both physical and mental "baggage" that constantly weighs me down. I have boxes and boxes of "stuff" that needs to be gone through and purged and I have plenty of daily mental "stuff" that I can leave behind with the new year.

I have been reading a lot of blogs and articles about how to minimize your life and how to reduce clutter. Basically, teaching yourself that if you donate or toss the hoodie that you never wear anymore but have had for the last 10 years and cant part with for some reason.... life will actually be OK just hours after it is out of the closet and in the bag for Salvation Army. That if you donate the "stuff" that is just accumulating in tubs in the basement, someone might put that frame/candle/tchotchke on their shelf and love it just like I did the day I bought it... and they will actually let it see the light of day rather than let it live in the tub. Finally... that even thought Woody and his friends come alive in Toy Story, it is in fact just a movie and if I put the stuffed teddy bear I had when I was 6 that I got from a trip to wherever, in the donate or trash bin, that it will not "feel" it. Most important, the memories that surround all of this "stuff" will always be with me, I dont need the object to make those memories come to life.

On the "mental" side of this... I have been thinking a lot about a similar concept of letting things go. If you know me, you know that that is hard for me. I am a passionate person. I am competitive, I am aggressive and while I dont like to admit it, I hold a grudge sometimes. I let things bother me, fester and sometimes, I cant get out of my own way. I know that not everyone thinks like me (thank god). I need to sit back and enjoy the ride. Take things less serious and have fun!! I look at Z and think how lucky he is. Everything is awesome and new and amazing. His drama is when he wants another pack of fruit snacks and we only want him to have two packs... innocence.

My plan...
1. Dont take things too serious
2. Smile more
3. Laugh every day (which isnt hard to do with Z)
4. In the words of Elsa "let it go" all of it... <---- I have watched "a snowman" 40,000 times!!

I am going to try to blog more this year... I think my sleep deprived days are over for now.

Welcome 2017, Ive got this!


  1. The teddy bear won't "feel it" ... I thought it was only me!!