Thursday, May 7, 2015

Life Moves Pretty Fast

May 7, 2015

My friend posted this quote on the book of faces this morning. I thought it was so fitting as I sat down to write this during my lunch at work.

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." - Ferris B

There have been plenty of times in my life that I have felt like I blinked and time passed by, but nothing compares to the last 10 weeks. Honestly, in a mere 70 days my life has changed so much. I have had sleepless nights, I have cried, I have been frustrated and I have questioned myself... I have literally googled everything under the sun to see if someone/anyone has asked or questioned the same things I am... but then I look into the face of my boy. A life Hubs and I created. I hold him, I smell him, I snuggle him and than he breaks out one of those awesome humongous smiles that light up his whole face, or he bats those eyelashes as he looks at me like I am his whole world and it all comes together. One tiny little human has completely changed me from the inside out. I cherish every smile that I share with him, every coo and every single second (even the poopy diapers and middle of the night feedings) that I have with him.

Dont blink... time totally flies! 

                                          ONE WEEK                                                        10 WEEKS
This little man is just amazing me with every second. The smiles take my breath away, the coos and sounds make my heart warm. He loves to lay on his back on the floor and kick away! He also loves anything that is the color red (my guess is its the clearest color for him). He is the BEST in the morning when he wakes up... it takes about 20 minutes... stretching and yawning. Its so awesome. He is a lover of the bath tub, my little fishy and now he is splashing his feet away when we bathe him every night! He had his well baby check up and is now 13lbs 9oz and 25" long! He surprised the Dr when she flipped him over to look at his back and he put his legs down straight and tried to stand up! This is something we do often at home... he is already wanting to bounce on his own legs! My little stinker! I have a feeling he isnt going to be stationary for long! I just love my Little Monster so much! Such a proud Mama! 

What about me? Well things are going pretty good. Work has been extremely busy which is awesome, but not at the same time. Awesome because my days are flying by... but not awesome because the "former me" would be at work late to get my deadlines complete BEFORE they were due. Now I am working on getting things done for the actual deadline. Either that or I just have to work faster! I can do that too! I feel good when I am at work and I know that Z is in good hands both when he is at home 2 days and daycare the other 3. I want to be able to give him everything he needs... so this is necessary. I miss him, but again, I just cherish every second... even those at 2:00am. 

The gym has been good. Its certainly a struggle getting back to where I was/want to be. The second week back was a little easier than the first and this past week I have really felt a lot better. I feel like my strength is coming back bit by bit as well as my cardio. My core has suffered (obviously) which is making some lifts a little harder and its frustrating that I can not link my pullups and for some reason cant get my chest to the bar for a chest to bar pullup, but you know what. It will come. I know it will. I will not give up and I will keep moving forward. 

I was talking to NB at the gym the other day when I "PRed" my 3 Rep overhead squat. By that I mean that I hit a higher number than just the week before when we did it. I mentioned to him that I hadnt looked in my old notebook to see what my old 3RM was... I told him that I was going to start a new notebook, set new goals and hit new PRs. He responded to me with the best line that will hold true in so many things... he said "Sarah, life is a whole new notebook now." That is is NB, that it is! 

Whats really awesome is that the CFW community is still as great as it ever was. My 5:30am peeps are all so supportive. The second I start to beat myself up over something the are all right there to pick me back up. Having to scale strict pullups with a band was probably one of the most humbling moments I have had in a long time... not one person made me feel like I had taken steps back. These are the moments that make me fall in love with crossfit over and over. 

I will be writing when I can to update life with the Little Monster and my progress at the gym. However I am going to take Ferris B's advice from above and stop and look around at life... not cram too much into it that it flies by and I have no idea where it went. Not pack my schedule and my "things I need to do" so tight that I cant take the time to just sit on  my couch with my boy in my lap and stare into his beautiful eyes and thank god that he is in my life. I will take the time to lay on the floor with Hubs and our son and laugh when he laughs and smile when he smiles. After all, those are the moments I will remember and cherish forever.

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