Monday, February 16, 2015

I'm So Crafty

February 15, 2015

Well here we are... 40 weeks and 2 days. I have decided that the Little Monster must be like its Daddy knowing that if it was like me, it would have been here at 11:55pm on February 12th. Once I said that, Daddy pointed out that I am one of the most stubborn people in the world, so... he/she may actually be like me and just effing with me at this point. Taking its sweet ass time... because well, it will arrive when it wants to arrive. Hm. Either way, I am pretty sure I am going to be pregnant forever.

In Massachusetts we are in the midst of the snowiest winter in any kind of recent history. Its absolutely crazy. We have had something silly like 7.5' of snow since January 28th. If you know me, you know that I am not a snow person. Id like to say I would take the bitter cold over snow any day... until of course you add bitter cold and wind chills around -30, which we are expected to have tomorrow morning... and I am in hell. A freezing cold hell. Kind of ironic. In a way, I cant blame the little bugger for wanting to remain on the inside. Its damn cold out here... its warm in there. Tell me what you would do.

All in all I feel great. I can re-iterate 1,000 times, though I am not sure how much people believe me since they tend to ask over and over expecting a different answer. I have been "lucky" in the fact that I have had no pains, aches or sickness. I might not be sleeping great, but that is not in any way from sore hips, knees or back, its simply because I have to get up to pee every few hours... and I wake up when I roll over because I cant sleep on my back or stomach (the two positions I sleep the best in). I have no swelling, my BP has actually been called "perfect" which I never heard prior to being pregnant.

I read all these things that people post on FB or that I fond on the internet... talking about "pregnancy brain" or "pregnancy clumsiness." None of these things have happened to me. I actually thought it was a joke at first, than I read about it in one of my books... people get these things enough to actually have them in books. So, I guess I should be thankful for that. I also read other things about people being "so uncomfortable" or crazy cravings, headaches, pains... Honestly, again... I am not lying... I am not bragging... I am just saying... I feel completely like the "Not Pregnant Me" just with a growing belly and now the occasional cramp or maybe a braxton hicks contraction... 

I have no missed a workout in the 10 months I have been pregnant. I did stop going to the gym on Satudays as I discussed a few weeks ago in another post. I have modified things that I have to, but that only started in the last few weeks. I cant go thought this whole pregnancy without giving some props to PurePharma. I take this vitamin pack every day, I have been taking it long before I got pregnant and never stopped (asked my Dr at the first apt if everything was ok). I have to attribute how I feel somewhat to this. It contains everything I need to stay strong, healthy and I think most of all, it keeps my joints and muscles from being sore and tired.

So, I think I have answered the "how ya feeling" question with this post. Its the most commonly asked question and to be honest, I would love to print this out, make it a t-shirt and just wear it every day so I dont have to explain myself anymore.

I am now getting 500 texts and FB messages and emails from my very excited friends and family who are anxiously awaiting the announcement of out Little Monster. We are just as anxious as everyone else. At this time, we are asking everyone and anyone that we talk to when we do announce that the baby has arrived that they keep the news to themselves before we decide to jump onto social media. Sounds funny from someone who writes a blog right... but in reality. You guys... unless I know you in real life, you will be the last to know. Right before you comes FaceBook. We would love to be able to personally tell our family and friends, with words... not text messages and emails... before they are able to get the news on line. There is nothing worse than sharing news that you are super excited about only for it to be followed up with "Oh, I know, I saw it on FaceBook." Rest assured, the news will be shared!

The gym has been great. Everyone has been awesome and supportive. I cant say enough how great it is to be part of such an amazing group of people. Every morning I see the 5:30am crew and they continue to support my "effort" with all of my lifts and workouts. I am already excited to get back and I havent even left yet. I was able to Rx pretty much all the workouts this week. I did have to laugh at myself when I attempted toes to bar on Friday. I didnt even think about it and it had been a few weeks since they were in the workout. I jumped up during the WOD to just do one and I laughed when I did the first and second, than failed the third because there was a baby belly in the way. So... what did I do? Well I just attempted another and rather than hitting the bar with my toes between my hands, I hit the bar with my toes outside my hands... not "Rx" persay... but close enough when you are 40 weeks pregnant right!

Either way, I am feeling pretty awesome and just really really excited to meet my baby. I want to hold him or her, I want to see its face, kiss it all over, count its fingers and toes... I dont care about the "sleepless nights." I dont care about the long days and the dirty diapers and the constant breast feeding or not knowing what is wrong and going crazy trying to figure it all out. I am not worried about labor and delivery, I am not worried about the pain or the frustration... I just want this little life to be healthy. I want to show it the world. I want to give it all the love I have... 

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