Sunday, February 8, 2015

All Showered and Ready to Go!

January 11, 2015

I am sitting here 35 weeks pregnant, amongst a sea of “baby” things in my living room completely overwhelmed as to where I am going to put all this “stuff,” contemplating if in fact, such a tiny little human that isn’t even in the outside world could possibly “need” everything here. There is no way!

Yes, folks. My baby shower was yesterday. This superstitious, have-only-bought-one-thing-for-the-baby, Mama, now has a house full of gadgets, books, clothes and “essentials” for the Little Monster! I have to say, it was a beautiful and wonderful day. I have thrown a number of baby showers for my friends, which I absolutely love to do… and this time, I was told I wasn’t allowed to do anything but sit back and enjoy. The obsessive compulsive control freak in me had a lot of trouble with this, but the thought that my girlfriends who were throwing the shower know me better than I know myself sometimes, helped to put my mind at ease (ok… so I was still crazy that I didn’t know anything but it did help).

The outcome, a perfectly balanced, perfectly lovely, perfectly awesome day in honor of our Little Monster.

I have never felt so much love in my life. My Mom and Dad, my family, my friends… they just are all so generous and giving I cant even stand it. Thank you just seem like such small words for an amazing day. Everyone is super excited and can’t wait to see if it’s a boy or girl… how big… when will he/she arrive… who will they look like… whose personality will they be more like. So many exciting things to look forward to! So many changes are so close to our future… yet it’s so hard to still comprehend. Lots of emotions.

I will spend some time putting things away in the baby’s room, while most of it will go to the basement until it can be used. I will wash and fold a few of the outfits, get the burp cloths ready and assemble the carriage and pack and play… Oh.My.God. This is happening! 

The cake was perfect and made by Baked by Barb
you can find her on FB, HERE

Some of the "little" loves in my life!

 These AMAZING ladies made this day so perfect for me and the Little Monster!

 This ones for my Mama :)

Pretty much sums up how I feel about sitting in front of a group of people opening gifts. 

 The people who I love most on the planet... my Ma and Pa.
Getting ready to become Grammy and Pop Pop!

 Sunday was a super fun day spent at CFW with one of my oldest and dearest friends capturing this “magical” time in Hubs and My life. She really worked some magic while we were in our element and got some great shots of the “three” of us! We had a such a great time with lots of laughs. I am really happy that we did this and will have these to look back at years from now. 

The gym has been going pretty smooth. This weeks Monday WOD was wall balls and deadlifts which I am still 100% comfortable with. Tuesday we had some TTB and double unders which are both "challenging" but I still do them. My toes, though they still get to the bar... are not very efficient and I am not able to continuously kip them so even if I dont drop I am doing singles. The dubs... well, frankly, I am just afraid I am going to pee my pants. Just being honest. Did a partner WOD with #2 on Wednesday, which is always a good time! I am still doing lateral bar burpees (just slowly lowering to the ground and not slamming myself there) and box jumps... jumping up and stepping down. The OLY lift for this WOD was snatches and luckily light enough that I could pretty much power muscle snatch all 10 reps each round. Finally, Friday was a 7 min calorie row. I could row all day long... I still enjoy it. 

So, there you have it. Week 35 is in the books. I have a Dr apt next Thursday and thats when I start my weekly appointments. I feel the baby move a TON. I am glad its finally head down again. Nothing really left for me to do except wait! 

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