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9 Whole Months...

January 17, 2015

36 weeks... in case you arent good at math... that equals 9 months. Its also 4 weeks from my due date. Put it together and think about it. Women are actually pregnant for 10 months, not 9. Its a total of 40 weeks. I never actually put that all together until I was the one that was "waiting" for those 40 weeks to pass. Actually counting week by week, following along in my books about what is happening to my body and my growing child... Its pretty amazing really to think about the fact that there is a tiny human that started with a few cells (and quite a few beers).

At this time "they" say that the baby is growing about an oz a day and is probably 6lbs and maybe up to 18" long already. So in reality, this little monster could be born right now and be considered just shy of "full term." Part of me finds this completely fascinating and the other part of me is totally freaked out by it. I mean, it is what it is and this baby is constantly moving and poking and rolling and getting the hiccups (which is interesting to say the least).

My Dr appointments have been pretty "uneventful," which again is a blessing. Pretty routine at this point where they take weigh me, take my blood pressure (which has been remarkably good considering it was always high pre=pregnancy) than measure my belly, feel for the positioning of the baby than listen for the heartbeat with the doppler. I am still at a loss as to whether the Little Monster is a boy or girl. In fact, I cant even start to guess. I hear all the wives tails and even with all of them... I cant take a stab at it. I am totally ok with waiting... of course... and really, I think other people think about it more than Hubs and I do.

Anyway, here I am at 39 weeks after work...

Things have been a little "nuts" in my personal life. I am choosing to leave the details out of all this but I have been plowing through it all. Some things are looking up, some things are not looking up... I am just praying to God every day. I have been through a lot of "unexpected" in my life. I know what it is like to experience tragedy, I know what its like to hurt, but I also know what it is like to make it through. What the other side looks like. How to try to rationalize what is happening and put things into perspective. At least I try to. Everything in life happens for a reason, we are dealt the hand we live the day we are born... is just how the cards are laid down when we get to see how it all unfolds.

One of the things I have been most excited about for the baby is the cradle. When my brother Joshua was born my Nana (dads mom) bought Joshua a beautiful cradle. He slept in it next to my Mom for the first months of his life. It was put in storage for a few years and made a second appearance in life when I was born. I slept in it within arms length from my Mom every night until I was moved to the crib in the room I shared with Joshua. I didnt know any of this... I also didnt know the best part... that this exact cradle was sitting in my parents basement just waiting to have another baby sleep in it. Shortly after we shared the news with my parents my Dad brought the cradle up from the basement... and this weekend I was overjoyed to actually see it assembled, all cleaned up and ready for MY baby.

Here it is in my room next to my side of the bed... It just warms my heart to know that my Nana bought this, that Joshua and I both slept in it... and that all those beautiful sweet dreams will swirl through my little loves head in that very same cradle.

Physically I am still feeling great. I am not sleeping very well, which always makes me laugh when people say "get your sleep now." Um... yeah I havent been sleeping well for a few weeks, but whatever. I am still up and to the gym for 5:30 class which I plan to do right up till the last day I have a baby on the inside! This week, Monday called for chest to bars and burpees... well, the burpees I can still do, but the C2B's are not happening. I had a hard enough time with those when I was 20lbs lighter! So, I just alter it and do regular pullups, those still flow ok. Tuedsay, I enjoyed the WOD and would have even more if I wasnt pregnant. I did it as perscribed... 5 rounds of 10 OH Squats (95lbs), 20 med ball situps (with a 14lb med ball) and 50 double unders. I felt great through the whole thing! Lets do that one again AFTER I have the baby! Wednesday brought on thrusters and rowing... which again are great movements for being pregnant... and I am not being funny here, both are still strong and comfortable to do. And Friday... well... lets just say repeating my performance from an open workout, from last year is totally out of the question. Ug. Not good.

Either way, I am still proud to be 36 weeks and crossfitting. I feel good, Drs are all ok with what I am doing and Baby seems to be happy in there... so I am just going to keep on keeping on!

As Coach Bill Belichick likes to say... "Were on to week 37."

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