Sunday, January 4, 2015

I welcome 2015 with open arms. I am ready. Lets do this.

January 4, 2015

I am sitting here the last day of my "staycation" that I was lucky enough to end 2014 with, thinking of not only the year past, but the year we have ahead of us. We have the 2009 CF Games playing on the Google Chromecast and Hubs is making up some breakfast. I think the Little Monster likes CF already as he/she is responding with lots of pokes and stretching in there.

For me, its still hard to believe that I closed out 2014 at 34 weeks pregnant. Last new years eve, the thought of having a baby was not in my immediate vision of the future, it was in the future, just not sure when. I was so focused on the CF Open that was coming up and my goals that revolved around that, it just didnt seem like something that would happen for us. Now... with just a few weeks left before I get to set my eyes on this little miracle and we get to hold, squeeze and kiss it all over... I cant imagine me life without it. Yes, this is me... looking forward to being a Mama.

Hubs and I ushered in the new year with a raging night of movies and panini sandwiches. We decided to spend the evening together just enjoying this time with each other. It gave us some downtime to reflect on the year and talk about what is about to happen... we are about to become a family. No need to fear, there was certainly a little bubbly involved! We started the tradition our first NYE that we were married that we would have our toast at midnight with our wedding glasses. We have continued this tradition for now, the 9th year.

We woke up Thursday morning, the 1st of January and decided to take a day for us, just to be together relax, enjoy the day. "Santa" brought me a new donut maker for Christmas and since I spend NYE day with my Dad for his birthday, I decided to break in my new toy with a delicious batch of apple cider donuts. They were heaven. What I didnt bring to my parents house to share with them, were leftover for Hubs and I. The first few hours of 2015 were spent with my love, my coffee, my donut and a Toy Story marathon. Made me a pretty happy lady.

The last few years since starting CrossFit have totally changed my life. The way I look at my life, the way I approach a challenge, the way I handle any given situation... it may sound crazy, but it really has altered all of that. Since starting, I have not entered a new year with that good old resolution of  "this year is going to be the year" attitude. I know it seems like a good time to have a fresh start at something new... but honestly, unless YOU make the effort to change, it dosent matter if its January 1st or August 8th... you have the control whenever you want it. I learned that and I keep that at the front of my thoughts almost daily. If you want it, you can have it. Stop saying "I cant," stop saying "tomorrow" and do something if you want to change. I have never felt better in my life knowing I am in control.

My life is about to change in the most drastic way possible. I am about to face the largest "challenge" I have ever and will ever face. Its not a workout, its not a test, its not something that can be measured or scored... its life. I am ready to face it with everything I possibly have in the tank. I will be tired, I will be frustrated, I will not know what to do at times and how to get through it all... but you know what. I will not fail, I will not give up and I will be sure to always give my 200%.

I will approach 2015 the way I have approached the last few... with confidence that if I set my mind to anything I can succeed. That I will be the best that I can possibly be in any situation. That I know the year will not be perfect, there is no such thing. There will be heart ache, there will be sad times and there will be struggle. However, there will also be new life, there will be smiles, laughter and lots and lots of "firsts." My heart will want to explode with love. My family and friends will be with me physically and in mind when I start to falter or want to give up. Life will have a whole new meaning.

I welcome 2015 with open arms. I am ready. Lets do this.