Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Dreaded Glucose Test

November 23, 2014

Well, we have completed week 28. The week was capped off with the "dreaded" 1 hour glucose test. I had been given the mystery orange drink at my appointment two weeks ago. I was told all the horror stories of how bad it tasted and what to do to get it down... and to be sure not to throw it up. WHAT?! Geeze talk about expecting the worst. If you dont know what the test is, here is the gist... with the 1 hour test you are told to eat and drink normal leading up to the test. You drink this drink one hour (get it) before you have a blood draw. They draw and send to the labs to check your sugar levels. If you pass wonderful, if you dont you have to take the 3 hour... which I understand is where you have to sit in the lab for 3 hours and you have to fast leading up to it. You do the drink, than they take your blood every 3 hours to see how your body responds to the sugar. If you fail that one, it is determined that you have gestational diabeties and they talk about treatment. Some need to take insulin and some can manage GD with diet alone. Here's hoping its good news!

I had a vacation day to burn so I took the day off to spend with my Mama, AKA very excited Grammy. I went to the gym and headed home to drink "the drink." Kinda funny that Hubs looked at the drink the before and sort of laughed and said "this would make a pretty decent post workout drink." Basically its dextrose. Which ironically we have a bag of on our fridge that he sometimes adds to his post workout. Anyway... I cracked open the bottle and took a sip. Um... I liked it. I downed it in like 30 seconds and really could have had more. When I lived in my townhouse at college I basically lived off of orange kool-aid, the kind of packets you add your own sugar. Well I made it with half a cup of sugar rather than a cup of sugar because I like the tartness of it. Havent had it in years. I swear this stuff tasted just like it. Down the hatch!

I chose not to listen to the "advice" that people share. Somehow people think if they dont eat anything or change their diet before they do the test it that they have a better chance of passing. Um... last I checked I didnt want to "cheat" a test that could somehow affect my child. So... my suggest is just to do what the Dr says and eat normal... but thats just me.

Anyway. Ma came along with me and got to hear the Little Monsters perfect little heart beat at my appointment that I had set to immediately follow the glucose test. One stop shopping! We went out to eat, did some shopping and headed back to my house to address, stamp and mail my shower invitations... HOLY CRAP this is happening soon!

The week at the gym was pretty good. We had some great benchmark workouts, Dianne and Helen. Dianne went ok. I am still doing handstand pushups, but it certainly was not close to my best time. Same with Helen. The pullups are becoming a bear since I dont have very good pullup form anyway, the extra weight sucks. On Monday I modified the dips in the workout to use a band... just because I wanted to get a workout in. Too much time on the dips and I just feel like I am missing the rest of the workout. Double unders are still good as well as kettle bell swings and all of my oly lifting. I am feeling great and really happy I am able to keep up.

I can not believe that I am 28 weeks... SEVEN MONTHS! Time is flying by!

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