Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Squat Now, Push Later

December 7, 2014

If you had asked me last December what I thought I would be doing this December, I am pretty sure I would not have said I would be walking into a daycare to see how much it would be to enroll my CHILD in the fall! Alas, here I am, 30 weeks pregnant and doing just that. My god, its expensive!

Anyway, aside from that the Little Monster is moving away in there. I have been feeling it a lot more often and really look forward to the quiet times when I get home from work that I sit back, relax a bit and I can feel (and sometimes see) all the movement going on. I am sleeping ok and have a feeling when I get to the gym the poor thing is sound asleep in comfortable in there... only to be awoken with burpees or cleans... or toes to bar. I have a feeling payback is going to be a bitch! One of the highlights of this week was after the workout on Wednesday, I was spent and laid on the ground after. I had my hand on my stomach and felt for the first time "real" movement after a workout. KP was there and got to share in not only my excitement, but she also got to feel the little bugger kick her! Super exciting!

As far as the gym is going I am just taking it one workout at a time at this point. I still feel great while I am working out. Still able to squat below 90 with no issues. I am really watching my form with my lifting to assure that I am not going to cause any harm to myself or the baby. This Monday was the first day that I actually modified a movement in workout that I wasn't comfortable with.The workout was an 18 min AMRAP of 50 dubs, 10 handstand pushups, 10 chest to bars and 10 burpees. I thought that was a lot of sudden movements and change of motion with the dubs and handstand pushups... than the kipping and burpees... so I did the dubs and changed out the handstand pushups for push jerks @ 85lbs. Chest to bars dont really happen anymore, with an extra 20lbs... its just hard for me. So, I made those regular pullups. The burpees I continue to do I just walk them to the ground and take it easy assuring I am not landing on my stomach. We had a great rowing workout this week and I was also happy to still be able to do a WOD with toes to bar... still getting them up there... might be one at a time... but its happening!

I saw this on line and though it was great! Totally perfect!

Also... for baby news... had my 30 week appointment on Friday. I passed the glucose test (yippie) and everything is going swimmingly. They are happy with my size and weight gain and keep telling me to continue doing what I am doing! So, I guess I havent messed anything up at this point! Hooray! Final stretch now... just 10 weeks left!

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