Tuesday, December 30, 2014

His Puzzler is Sore...

December 28, 2014

Its no secret the stress that comes with the holidays for me. This year... certainly no different. In fact, without spilling way too much personal information that I would rather not disclose all over the interwebs, Christmas just wasnt Christmas this year. It was not a day that was filled with packages, lights and trees... but was a day that I held my family tight and was thankful for everything in my life. My little peanut, my mom, my dad, my husband... and my close friends and family, that is ALL I need for Christmas.

The week at the gym was an interesting one. Always is when there is a short week. They were closed on Wednesday and Thursday so it was important to get a good few good workouts in before two days off. I certainly did that and was ok to take those two days off. I am feeling the baby move a lot more now so it dosent really stop even when I am at the gym. Makes for a very interesting morning sometimes... but hey, this is the life and all I care about is making sure that I stay healthy and I am able to provide a safe and healthy boarding house for the next 7 weeks.

We also had "bring a friend" day to the gym on Friday and Saturday which is always an exciting time. The visitors are almost always anxious, but more than likely surprise themselves as how much the like it! I was very excited to actually be one that had a friend with me and even more excited that she was one who surprised herself! She has signed on for the onramp and is excited to start her CrossFit adventure!

I didnt have to shove her in a bag...

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