Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Feeling "Prepared"

December 21, 2014

Meet... baby...

She (yes it was a girl), was our baby at our "Prepared Parenting" class that we took this week! We actually had a lot of fun and learned some things so we are more... get this one... PREPARED... for when we come home with the baby! Trust me, we understand 500% that nothing can actually prepare us for this. We also know that every baby is different and that a lot of people "dont bother" taking these classes. We get it.. but we did it and we learned some things that we didnt know going into it so I consider that a win... We were surprised when we had to change her and found out she was a she... is it a sign?! We will find out in February!

I had my 32 week appointment this Friday. Little Monster is progressing on schedule. I was vaccinated for whooping cough... and measuring just a bit behind. My Dr is not concerned at this point. The HR is great and has been pretty consistent for the last few appointments. I did find out that he/she is transverse... meaning head is under my left rib and bum and feet are on the right side... must be why I am getting constant rolls and bumps on both sides. But, now we have to hope it rotates into position. I am not worried and neither are they, as we have 2 months left... holy crap, we only have 8 weeks left! Amazing.

Had another milestone this week... said goodbye to my old friend... I can remember the day I got this, I was 16... 18 years ago... eh, it is what it is.

The week at the gym was great. Again, I am still moving and grooving at this point. Just going with the gym programming and feeling good while doing it. I have kept up with most all of the WODs and will still at this point even do burpees. I am very careful with them, but they are not uncomfortable at all for me so I figure that I am good to go. We did Cheif this week, which is one of my favorites... it was quit a struggle, but I did my best to keep moving and stay consistent with my reps between rounds. I set up a pushup station to assure that my chest hit the ground on every rep (hands on the top two plates and toes on the bottom two) and felt pretty comfortable doing it... anything I can do to keep standard I am doing.

I felt really great on Saturday when I went in for the Oly session... wound up hitting 130 for my snatch which I havent done in months. I also was able to clean 185, but I missed the jerk. I am "blaming" it on the massive burger I had Friday night!

Here I am... 8 whole months!

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