Tuesday, December 30, 2014

His Puzzler is Sore...

December 28, 2014

Its no secret the stress that comes with the holidays for me. This year... certainly no different. In fact, without spilling way too much personal information that I would rather not disclose all over the interwebs, Christmas just wasnt Christmas this year. It was not a day that was filled with packages, lights and trees... but was a day that I held my family tight and was thankful for everything in my life. My little peanut, my mom, my dad, my husband... and my close friends and family, that is ALL I need for Christmas.

The week at the gym was an interesting one. Always is when there is a short week. They were closed on Wednesday and Thursday so it was important to get a good few good workouts in before two days off. I certainly did that and was ok to take those two days off. I am feeling the baby move a lot more now so it dosent really stop even when I am at the gym. Makes for a very interesting morning sometimes... but hey, this is the life and all I care about is making sure that I stay healthy and I am able to provide a safe and healthy boarding house for the next 7 weeks.

We also had "bring a friend" day to the gym on Friday and Saturday which is always an exciting time. The visitors are almost always anxious, but more than likely surprise themselves as how much the like it! I was very excited to actually be one that had a friend with me and even more excited that she was one who surprised herself! She has signed on for the onramp and is excited to start her CrossFit adventure!

I didnt have to shove her in a bag...

Feeling "Prepared"

December 21, 2014

Meet... baby...

She (yes it was a girl), was our baby at our "Prepared Parenting" class that we took this week! We actually had a lot of fun and learned some things so we are more... get this one... PREPARED... for when we come home with the baby! Trust me, we understand 500% that nothing can actually prepare us for this. We also know that every baby is different and that a lot of people "dont bother" taking these classes. We get it.. but we did it and we learned some things that we didnt know going into it so I consider that a win... We were surprised when we had to change her and found out she was a she... is it a sign?! We will find out in February!

I had my 32 week appointment this Friday. Little Monster is progressing on schedule. I was vaccinated for whooping cough... and measuring just a bit behind. My Dr is not concerned at this point. The HR is great and has been pretty consistent for the last few appointments. I did find out that he/she is transverse... meaning head is under my left rib and bum and feet are on the right side... must be why I am getting constant rolls and bumps on both sides. But, now we have to hope it rotates into position. I am not worried and neither are they, as we have 2 months left... holy crap, we only have 8 weeks left! Amazing.

Had another milestone this week... said goodbye to my old friend... I can remember the day I got this, I was 16... 18 years ago... eh, it is what it is.

The week at the gym was great. Again, I am still moving and grooving at this point. Just going with the gym programming and feeling good while doing it. I have kept up with most all of the WODs and will still at this point even do burpees. I am very careful with them, but they are not uncomfortable at all for me so I figure that I am good to go. We did Cheif this week, which is one of my favorites... it was quit a struggle, but I did my best to keep moving and stay consistent with my reps between rounds. I set up a pushup station to assure that my chest hit the ground on every rep (hands on the top two plates and toes on the bottom two) and felt pretty comfortable doing it... anything I can do to keep standard I am doing.

I felt really great on Saturday when I went in for the Oly session... wound up hitting 130 for my snatch which I havent done in months. I also was able to clean 185, but I missed the jerk. I am "blaming" it on the massive burger I had Friday night!

Here I am... 8 whole months!

Luck Be a Lady

December 14, 2014

I am approaching my 4 year "work-a-versary" with my company. In being perfectly honest, when I sent my resume in for this job I had no idea if I was going to be qualified for what they were looking for. I know for a fact that I was not. However, as they tell me... they "liked" me so they took a gamble. I am damn happy that they did. I have come a long way not just professionally in these years but I owe so much of that to the owner of my company. I am a very lucky person and realize that not many people can say that they wake up every morning and head to a job that they love, in the field that they studied, working with people they enjoy and find it all very rewarding. Yes, there are certainly busy and hard days... but thats why it is called "work."

My boss is a great and kind man. he takes a lot of pride in the people he has working for him and really enjoys spending time with us all. He decided to do something special for us this week and rented a bus... he took us on a local tour to see some of the work that our company has built and buildings we have worked on over the last few years. There are quite a few new people within the company so it was great for them to get to spend time with us all and also see those jobs that we talk about often since we do repeat work in many of those buildings. He ordered us lunch and we all had boxed lunches while we drove around.

As if that wasnt enough our tour ended at one of the buildings we did quite a bit of work on. One of the tenants is a restraunt and there happens to be a nail salon and barber shop in the same complex. He went ahead and booked us all mani/pedis and the boys haircuts and shaves! What a great day and a wonderful way to spend some time outside of the office with the ladies!

So, we are in this fantastic cycle at the gym that is to prep us for the Open. Which typically is a bugger for me anyway. There are a lot of metcons with my "favorite" movements. Um... no... can you see the sarcasm dripping off those words? Usually I am able to grind through this cycle and it really helps with the open, this year I am getting hammered! I of course push through it and do what I can. I understand I am 31 weeks pregnant. I am at the gym... thats what matters to me... but holy hell. It was a lot different last year!

The one really awesome thing about this cycle are the Wednesday bar complexes and this Wednesday was a great one. A 20 minute, every minute on the minute complex of 6 deadlifts, 4 hang cleans and 2 jerks. The womens weight was 105lbs. The trick, if you missed a round, you were out. I was pretty confident I would make it though the complex and pretty pleased when that happened. Made it all 20 minutes and felt fantastic after! Looking forward to Wednesdays for the next few weeks!

Squat Now, Push Later

December 7, 2014

If you had asked me last December what I thought I would be doing this December, I am pretty sure I would not have said I would be walking into a daycare to see how much it would be to enroll my CHILD in the fall! Alas, here I am, 30 weeks pregnant and doing just that. My god, its expensive!

Anyway, aside from that the Little Monster is moving away in there. I have been feeling it a lot more often and really look forward to the quiet times when I get home from work that I sit back, relax a bit and I can feel (and sometimes see) all the movement going on. I am sleeping ok and have a feeling when I get to the gym the poor thing is sound asleep in comfortable in there... only to be awoken with burpees or cleans... or toes to bar. I have a feeling payback is going to be a bitch! One of the highlights of this week was after the workout on Wednesday, I was spent and laid on the ground after. I had my hand on my stomach and felt for the first time "real" movement after a workout. KP was there and got to share in not only my excitement, but she also got to feel the little bugger kick her! Super exciting!

As far as the gym is going I am just taking it one workout at a time at this point. I still feel great while I am working out. Still able to squat below 90 with no issues. I am really watching my form with my lifting to assure that I am not going to cause any harm to myself or the baby. This Monday was the first day that I actually modified a movement in workout that I wasn't comfortable with.The workout was an 18 min AMRAP of 50 dubs, 10 handstand pushups, 10 chest to bars and 10 burpees. I thought that was a lot of sudden movements and change of motion with the dubs and handstand pushups... than the kipping and burpees... so I did the dubs and changed out the handstand pushups for push jerks @ 85lbs. Chest to bars dont really happen anymore, with an extra 20lbs... its just hard for me. So, I made those regular pullups. The burpees I continue to do I just walk them to the ground and take it easy assuring I am not landing on my stomach. We had a great rowing workout this week and I was also happy to still be able to do a WOD with toes to bar... still getting them up there... might be one at a time... but its happening!

I saw this on line and though it was great! Totally perfect!

Also... for baby news... had my 30 week appointment on Friday. I passed the glucose test (yippie) and everything is going swimmingly. They are happy with my size and weight gain and keep telling me to continue doing what I am doing! So, I guess I havent messed anything up at this point! Hooray! Final stretch now... just 10 weeks left!

Giving Thanks

November 30, 2014

I feel like a broken record every year at Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving happens to be my favorite holiday. No, its not because it is the "gateway" to Christmas... No, it is not for the sales that happen the next day. No, it is not because of the day off from work, the long weekend or the food... in fact it has nothing to do with all of that. Thanksgiving is a day I can sit back and take a real look at everything I have to be thankful for. It makes me sad that too many people let the day fly by without thinking of what its really about.

I woke up this Thanksgiving morning with a warm heart. It happened to land on the same day that my Grampa passed away just a few years ago. I decided to take that emotion positively to make me smile. Yes, I miss my Gramp, he was an amazing man... but I thought of all the memories, the life he lived and was so thankful that I had all those years with him in my life. I will never ever forget dancing with him to String of Pearls at my wedding... his face was priceless! This one came from a JAZSF tournament years ago... but one of my favorites!

I started to think about this Little Monster and how much my life already has and is going to change. Just with this little life already fluttering (ok punching and kicking) away. At just 29 weeks, he/she is the most important person on the planet. The most perfect little being... "perfect" to anyone but me I dont care... but perfect to me. How thankful I am that my little one will have whatever life I am able to provide it with and more. That he/she has so many wonderful people who are already thinking of them, loving on them and not so patiently awaiting its arrival. It has no idea! Thankful that I have had so many people in my life that support me, love me and care for me. Words and thanks can not even come close to how I feel. I would not be the woman I am today without each and every thing I have gone through in my life. Good, bad, happy, sad... I am who I am because of it. I am thankful for the support and the life I have been blessed to live. 

Happy Thanksgiving.

The Dreaded Glucose Test

November 23, 2014

Well, we have completed week 28. The week was capped off with the "dreaded" 1 hour glucose test. I had been given the mystery orange drink at my appointment two weeks ago. I was told all the horror stories of how bad it tasted and what to do to get it down... and to be sure not to throw it up. WHAT?! Geeze talk about expecting the worst. If you dont know what the test is, here is the gist... with the 1 hour test you are told to eat and drink normal leading up to the test. You drink this drink one hour (get it) before you have a blood draw. They draw and send to the labs to check your sugar levels. If you pass wonderful, if you dont you have to take the 3 hour... which I understand is where you have to sit in the lab for 3 hours and you have to fast leading up to it. You do the drink, than they take your blood every 3 hours to see how your body responds to the sugar. If you fail that one, it is determined that you have gestational diabeties and they talk about treatment. Some need to take insulin and some can manage GD with diet alone. Here's hoping its good news!

I had a vacation day to burn so I took the day off to spend with my Mama, AKA very excited Grammy. I went to the gym and headed home to drink "the drink." Kinda funny that Hubs looked at the drink the before and sort of laughed and said "this would make a pretty decent post workout drink." Basically its dextrose. Which ironically we have a bag of on our fridge that he sometimes adds to his post workout. Anyway... I cracked open the bottle and took a sip. Um... I liked it. I downed it in like 30 seconds and really could have had more. When I lived in my townhouse at college I basically lived off of orange kool-aid, the kind of packets you add your own sugar. Well I made it with half a cup of sugar rather than a cup of sugar because I like the tartness of it. Havent had it in years. I swear this stuff tasted just like it. Down the hatch!

I chose not to listen to the "advice" that people share. Somehow people think if they dont eat anything or change their diet before they do the test it that they have a better chance of passing. Um... last I checked I didnt want to "cheat" a test that could somehow affect my child. So... my suggest is just to do what the Dr says and eat normal... but thats just me.

Anyway. Ma came along with me and got to hear the Little Monsters perfect little heart beat at my appointment that I had set to immediately follow the glucose test. One stop shopping! We went out to eat, did some shopping and headed back to my house to address, stamp and mail my shower invitations... HOLY CRAP this is happening soon!

The week at the gym was pretty good. We had some great benchmark workouts, Dianne and Helen. Dianne went ok. I am still doing handstand pushups, but it certainly was not close to my best time. Same with Helen. The pullups are becoming a bear since I dont have very good pullup form anyway, the extra weight sucks. On Monday I modified the dips in the workout to use a band... just because I wanted to get a workout in. Too much time on the dips and I just feel like I am missing the rest of the workout. Double unders are still good as well as kettle bell swings and all of my oly lifting. I am feeling great and really happy I am able to keep up.

I can not believe that I am 28 weeks... SEVEN MONTHS! Time is flying by!