Saturday, November 1, 2014

Twenty weeks... Twenty Pound Wall Balls

September 26, 2014

Holy moses... I have made it to the 20 week milestone, half way. I cant really believe how fast time is going by. Seems like I just found out I was pregnant. Amazing how things have changed with my body and mind in this short amount of time.

This morning was a lot of fun at the gym. I found it kind of ironic that the WOD called for 20lb wall balls to be used in the metcon... 90 of them actually! I was pretty happy with that, and my performance. I am still not having any trouble with my movements though my cardio still seems to suffer. I have a hard time catching my breath and since I am trying to control it a little more I have no choice but to slow down a bit. I am not really too focused on the "dont get your HR above 140" that people like to say. I have talked to my Drs and they tell me that as long as I feel good and am not doing anything I wasnt normally doing before pregnancy, I am ok. So thats what I am doing. I feel good and I push a little more. If I start to lag behind a little, thats ok too.

It was a deload week for my weight training, so I was able to get my mind back into the right place by not failing reps without adjusting my 1 rep maxes. I really needed it. I am getting myself back on track and next week will be more successful with a little bit of a break.

Tuesdays workout was great! It was a 10 minute EMOTM (every minute on the minute) workout with 3 dead lifts, 3 hang cleans and 3 push jerks all at 125lbs. This is a workout I would have embraced 100% prior to pregnancy but for some reason that day I was timid to do it. Almost afraid I wasnt going to be able to complete all 10 rounds without a break. I surprised myself and made it through all 10 with time to spare on each. That certainly put a smile on my face. I dont know why I was worried honestly.

The most insteresting to do so far at the gym has been burpees. Its actually kind of funny. Since I am not showing really yet, its still not obvious that something is in my belly... but when I do burpees and I am flat on my stomach I can actually feel almost like a bowling ball in there. Such a strange feeling to know that there is a tiny human in there! Also wondering how the Little Monstr is going to pay me back for waking it up doing burpees at 5:30am! I am sure it will be grand!

Anyway, here is a glorious pic from this morning after the workout. Twenty weeks... Twenty Pound Wall Balls!


The other awesomeness (yes, thats a word) from this week was the Little Monsters first Patriots Game! I was fortunate enough to go to the home opener vs the Raiders with Hub and some of the best friends around! Gillette is definitely one of my favorite places on earth!!  Who says you cant have a good time if you cant drink! 

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