Saturday, November 1, 2014

Manual Labor

October 11, 2014

Lots of great things happening this week. First and foremost, Hubs and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary... who would have thought these two crazy kids would end up married with a baby on the way 12 years after this picture was taken...

He certainly knows the way to my heart and is 100% there for me even when the going gets rough. I am not always the easiest person to get along with, live with... love. He surprised me Wednesday (our actual anniversary) with some beautiful roses and we are super excited for our get-a-way! We leave when he gets home from work today and I have no idea where we are going! He took the reins on this one and has planned 4 days of fun to celebrate and relax! 

My mom came up this morning and we painted the room that is going to be the baby room... I didnt have time to get through my entire workout and all the oly lifting, BUT my lifting session was much better than it has been the last few weeks. I think passing the 20 week hump, now into my 22 week, has been a transition. I am starting to show a little more, but I am feeling stronger again! I hit 115 for my snatch heavy single and 165 for my clean and jerk. Not even close to my personal bests of 140 for snatch and 195 for clean and jerk... but I havent been consistently hitting 125 or 185 in a while and those are the numbers I have been working off of for my percentage work... so thats where I want to get again. Today I was close and I am going to get back up there! Either way, this crazy lady and I got some work done today! We had a blast!

The week as I said was great. I feel amazing and am getting more used to the twinges and "feelings" that I am having while I am working out. I know that I should listen to my body and anything that doesnt feel right I should stop doing. So far, so good. I havent had to make any modifications yet aside from adjusting my 1 rep maxes for the front squat and clean.

I am feeling the baby moving lot more. Its certainly an interesting feeling. It comes and goes at this point. I was told I wont be feeling consistent movement till 28 or so weeks, so I am just enjoying it when I do and not really worrying when I dont. Seems as if the little bugger likes to get moving when I slow down... but than again, I dont feel much when I am moving because I cant concentrate on it. Sometimes after a WOD when I am laying on my back I feel a flip in there... kinda neat. Also... kinda freaky!

The highlight of the week at the gym was the mile run on Tuesday. Remember when they used to make you do that in gym class and everyone would go out to the start line and complain about how bad it was going to be... thats how I felt... but I was actually surprised. I do run more often than I ever did over the years so its not so bad... but lately, I have been having more issues with my breathing while running over the last few weeks. Anyway, I really didnt have a "goal" except to push hard and finish the damn thing in under 9 minutes, keeping in mind my best mile is only 7 minutes or so. I hit my goal... and so did the rest of the 5:30am class! It was pretty awsome that everyone was under 9 minutes!

Other movements this week... rowing, which still feels great. Overhead squats, also still right on track with no adjustments. Push presses, box jumps and snatches... all completed with no modifications. I am planning to talk to my Dr again at my next appointment just to clarify if I should be making any weight modifications... but until than, I am just going with my instincts which seems to be working out pretty well so far!

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