Sunday, November 23, 2014

If You Cant Play... Why Not Judge!

November 16, 2014

I am sitting here recovering from the most massive brunch on the planet... oh what a week its been! Week 27, was filled with an "emergency" dental procedure, a bunch of meetings, my birthday, lots of torturous workouts and my first competition on the other side of the barbell... at least I was greeted at work on Friday with this georgous bouquet of flowers from my parents for my Birthday. I cant wait to enjoy them all next week!

The emergency wasnt too bad, I just somehow managed to break a crown (even stumped the dentist as to how I did what I did... I am talented I guess) and had to spend some time in "the chair" on Monday to get it taken care of. Well, half way... if you have ever had a crown you know they do it in two sittings. At least the hard part is over. I got the "all clear" from my Dr to go ahead and have the procedure done. I was a little concerned about novocaine and any possible x-rays, but we avoided those. I am on my way to a brand new crown, yippie.

The week at the gym was pretty good. Again, I am still not really modifying any weights in the workouts but more-so just taking my time where needed and trusting my instincts. I take a sip of water if needed and like I have said before, if I dont make the time cap, so be it. If I am the last one to finish, so be it.

Heavy Grace was a fun one for me. Typically one I enjoy and when we did it this week it was no different. Well, it was slower... but I still enjoyed it! The workout on Wednesday just seemed like never ending tourture... even though it had a time cap. A 21-15-9 of deadlifts and handstand pushups... doesnt sound too bad but add in 5 burpees on the minute every minute and it makes it WAY worse... if that isnt bad enough, lets throw in 100 dubs at the end of every round! What what?! I thought I was reading it wrong when written! I didnt make it very far into the 15 HSPUs and I did 125 burpees through the 25 minutes... so, I dont feel as if I didnt finish anything! Again, the HSPUs were a struggle and I took my time on the burpees. I think that was the issue. I didnt have much time left after 5 burpees before the next set. BUT, I did it. I worked hard and I got it done.

Saturday was a long and fun day for me. The box located in the next town over from CFW was hosting a competition. I knew a lot of CFWers were going to be competing. I was pretty bummed that this was the 2nd comp that they have had there and I have been PG for both of them. The first, no one even  knew I was pregnant... but either way, I couldnt do it. So. I figured, this time, if I couldnt compete, why not judge?! I contacted the guys over there and volunteered! It was so different being on that side of the barbell, really odd but actually kind of great. Not that I am going to get used to it, but I was glad that I could participate and be involved in such a way. It wound up being a very successful event for CFW too!! Congrats guys!!

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