Sunday, November 23, 2014

Happy Halloween

November 1, 2014

I cant not even believe that it is November! Time is just flying by faster than I know what to do with. Each week I am so surprised when my phone alerts me that I am yet another week along in this 10 month (see that, I said 10 month) "adventure" in my life. This week... at 25 weeks, I am told that my baby is the size of a zucchini... which is kind of a funny comparison in my opinion. The Little Monster should be about 13.5 inches and 1.5 lbs. Holy crapola, there is a tiny human in there!

I know people think Crossfitters are strange enough as it is... but we add to it on Halloween. Yes, we all get dressed up and go to the gym in costume. Weird, I know... but honestly, watching some people work out in their costumes is enough to make you pee yourself laughing. Some people really get into it and others just do something to make it through the class. Others... they just dont play along. This year, I thought it was appropriate, after the suggestion of a friend, to create my own costume. The Little Monster trying to escape my belly and participate in the workout... yes, those are little dumbells I made out of table sliders.

I had another scheduled Dr apt this week. Everything seems to be going great. The heart beat is easier to find each time and though I still get that nervous rush every time they get the doppler out, its getting better. I am also feeling movement a little more than I have been which is easing my mind during the day. Other than a little weight gain, which is of course to be expected, I am feeling pretty great. Nothing to complain about. A few times my back has sort of  "spasamed" if I am standing in the same spot with my back hyper extended (think blowdrying my hair) and than suddenly moving... but I plan to ask my chiro about that one. Pretty sure its just the shifting of everything in there. No cravings, no swelling, no sickness or headaches... I cant complain.

This week at the gym seemed to be the week of burpees... I felt like every day we were doing hundreds of burpees! I am still doing them, both bar facing and regular. I walk them down to the ground, lay flat, than walk it back up. Takes longer of course, per rep... but it is what it is.

Handstand pushups are a giant pain in the ass. Again, I am still doing them. Just really really slow. I cant seem to get a rhythm with them to connect them and with a few extra pounds, its just not that "easy" anymore. I just keep moving and if I run out of time, it is what it is. The number one priority right now has to be the safety of this tiny human and not so much the time on the clock or a new personal record in a workout...

I will be back, I will get it all back...

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