Sunday, November 23, 2014

5K Row

November 9, 2014

What a week. This has been a super busy week for me, lots going on at work and lots going on on the weekends. I am like a crazy woman. Today however, got to be a nice relaxing day with the Hubby as we are celebrating his Birthday! Got to go out for breakfast this morning to our favorite place and have just taken it easy.

Last weekend we got to go to the Pats Game... Little Monsters 2nd game... with my Brother and his girlfriend. It was FREAKING FREEZING! Seriously, nothing like choosing the first game in November only to have it snow for the first time of the season and have a crazy wind chill in the singe digits. The plus side, I cant drink... so the hot chocolate in the stadium costs a lot less than the beer in the stadium, and its actually not too bad!

Finally,  yesterday our friends had our 4th annual "Friends Thanksgiving" which is one of my favorite days of the year its so exciting to me that its a great day that we all get together, have dinner and get to spend some time really talking and sharing whats been going on in our lives. We dont get to see one another nearly as much as we did back in the day and with every year a friend gets married or another has a baby and the group grows and expands. So exciting to think that next year we will be the ones with the little one! A little on that will be almost a year old! Wow, that is the strangest thing in the world to think about! Lets make it to February and have this baby before we start thinking about it being almost a year old... brain overload!

The gym this week was great. I was pretty happy with my performance on every workout. Albeit, its not my "best" in any of the movements... but if I had to classify it, I felt my "best" in some movements than I have in a while. We did handstand pushups and pistols on Monday, even the HSPU's felt better than last week for some reason. Of course, pistols were a little harder than usual, but I was doing them when I was at my current weight before, so... I can still do them. Tuesday, we had 5 rounds of 95lb thrusters and a 400m run. I was a little concerned about the run from the way I was feeling after running in the weeks past, lots of pressure... but not this time. I felt pretty good... even as slow as I was!

Saturday was the highlight. One of my strengths was a heavy single front squat... I was super happy to finally hit 215 again! Still 15lbs off from my 1RM, but I havent been able to front squat more than 205 in weeks. I think I am a little more confident in what I am able to do and how my body is responding. To top of the day, we had a 5K row to complete as the metcon. I love rowing, I would choose to row over run on any day of the week... for any distance. I was very happy with my time of 21:44 for a 5K. Felt great and really strong through the whole distance.

Week 26 is in the books!

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