Saturday, November 1, 2014

100% Indescribable

October 3, 2014

Let me tell you... I never ever in 10,000 years thought that I could be in love with something so much that I have never set my eyes on. On Monday, Hubs and I met at the hospital so I could have my ultrasound. The feeling that came over me when the technician placed the thing on my stomach and that tiny little silhouette appeared on the screen is absolutely 100% indescribable. Impossible to put into words, yet so hard not to try. I felt like I was having this crazy out of body experience... but no, it was actually ME and MY baby... holy shit. A perfect little face, arms, legs, spine, bladder, heart, kidney... everything. Perfect.

I am going to be a mom.


This week has been killer... and not in a really great way. Aside from Monday being probably the best day of my life I have been running on empty for the rest of it. Totally strapped at work, stretched to the max... and my tolerance for "annoyance" was at an all time low. I just put my head down (and headphones on at work) and pushed through to the end of the week. Finally, its come to an end and I am more than excited for my get-a-way coming up with Hubs to celebrate our anniversary.

At the gym the week was just as rough to be honest. I was there every day, but just not feeling strong. I didnt feel like I could catch up on sleep so the mornings suffered. We did Fran on Monday morning (before the ultrasound). It was another one of those times I had to suck up my "pride" and not pay attention to the clock. My time... not great at all. However, knowing I was about to see my Little Monster in just a few hours was enough to kick that mood right out the door!

The rest of the week had a 1K row followed by 50 burpees, in which I could feel my belly as I walked down each burpee to the ground. I just kept the pace and kept on moving.. made it through with a pretty good time. Next up was "DT on Roids." DT is my favorite WOD of all time. Its 5 round of 12 dead lifts, 9 hang cleans and 6 push jerks. Typically this is done at 105lbs for women, this week we did it at 155. I was a little "worried" at how well the hang cleans would go, and of course knowing my usual DT time.. but I just pushed the clock watching to the back burner and decided to just set my goal at finishing under the 15:00 time cap. I did. So that made me happy.

People at the gym are starting to comment that they can "see" the belly. Its still not really too obvious and certainly not to people I work with or my clients. I have been dressing to pretty much hide what looks like I just ate too much from people in my professional life. Soon enough I will get into the "embrace the belly" mode... but for now. I just look pudgy I think.

Id say week 21 was a success. Closer to being a mother than I am to never being pregnant... yikes!

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