Friday, September 12, 2014

Mama's New Shoes

September 12, 2014
Here I am, one more week into this new adventure. Hard to believe that I am 18 weeks today.

Things have been going pretty well so I haven’t had much to post about. This week I have really noticed my cardio endurance slipping. I get winded much easier than normal… even before pregnancy my endurance wasn’t very good… so this is getting tough. I am doing my best to keep my eyes off the clock and just keep pushing forward through he workouts. I do have to admit that it is much easier said than done. I am still really enjoying all the lifting. We are in an Oly cycle at CFW right now so I am hoping to come out of this with some improved lifts.

As far as adjustments I haven’t made many. When we are working on back squats through this cycle we are focusing on high bar back squat so my weight is much less than my 1RM to begin with. I have been sticking with that lower number to use for my percentages, still squatting below 90. For my snatch and clean and jerk I am doing the same. I have stuck with a number that I was consistently hitting through the first trimester rather than my true 1RM to base my percentages off of. I want to keep getting better with my form and technique, but strength is not necessarily something I am focused on right now. Achieving a new 1RM can wait. Hopefully my strength numbers will not change much once I get back into training when the little monster has arrived.

All week I felt great. The workouts included wall walks, toes to bar, chest to bar, dubs, deadlifts, pistols, burpees, thrusters, running… am I missing anything? I have made no modifications made to any of my movements thus far. However, even though I know that the baby has plenty of cushion in there, I walked down my burpees because for some reason I am not ok with slamming to the ground for each one. This sucks because it certainly makes me use my arms more tired on every burpee, so going from burpees to wall walks… not too much fun. But, I made it. I have noticed  all the pulling of my body weight movements are a little more challenging with less core strength and a little more wight on my body. Again, I am just pushing (or pulling) through. No real complaints aside from being out of breath after a 400m run during the warmup!

For me, my mindset has played a huge roll in this pregnancy thus far, I think. I mean, I know I have been pretty lucky to not have had any sickness that lots of women endure through the start (or all) of their pregnancies. My life feels like it is where it should be. Hubs and I have been super positive and we are trying to keep the momentum moving forward with all walks of our lives, from work to the gym and at home. We are smiling a lot, laughing a lot and just enjoying each other and our lives. Yes, there are suck ass moments, but that’s a part of life.

I think its important to feel good about myself and try to keep a positive attitude. Right now changes in my body are the toughest part of this whole thing. Admittedly, it is hard to grasp the fact that some of my clothes don’t fit or not being able to wear my favorite “go-to” top… but not actually “look pregnant” yet. So, if that means I have to buy a new pair of shoes to feel great in an outfit for a wedding… or get my nails and toes done… than that’s what I am going to do.  My goals are to keep my body and mind as healthy as possible through all the changes it is facing. I think I am doing an ok job of it so far! The health and growth of my child are number one to me right now…  and well… for the rest of my life.

Mama's New Shoes & Fancy Pedi!

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