Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sink or Swim

January 7, 2014

I am sure every person has heard the term "sink or swim." Think about it... in reality we face this scenario every single day of or lives. We make the choice every morning to "sink or swim" the second our eyes open and our mind starts going. Your feet dont even have to hit the ground. Am I going to have a good day or a bad day? Am I going to wake up with an attitude or am I going to give this day a shot? Its a personal decision.

What I am thinking about really are the times in life where you feel like this in a situation that you may not have put yourself in, but have been put in by someone else. You feel as if you have been tossed in the water and you are flapping around trying to figure out how to tread the water so you can live to see another day. Will someone come to help you? Will you sink to the bottom like you have weights tied to your feet? Will you do the doggy paddle and just keep your nose above water until you get to shore... or will you butterfly kick or backstroke your way to victory? Who knows? The key is... you will never know unless you are put in the situation to see how it goes!

Personally, I love the feeling. I know it may sound crazy... but the feeling that someone has enough faith in me to "give it a shot" is amazing. That just means that they have thought enough about whatever it is to say "no, you go ahead and do this by yourself and see what happens." They trust you and they know, they SHOULD know, that you may, in fact sink... or that you might  just need them to toss you over the life preserver when the going gets rough.

 There are so many lessons to be learned in life. There are so many ways to learn them. The sink or swim method certainly doesnt work in ALL situations in life, but sometimes you just have to have a little faith in someone.

Today I asked the question to someone who has a huge impact on my life, well being and happiness... "why do I keep learning all the 'hard' lessons?" His answer "because we have faith in you, we threw you out there to sink or swim, you are swimming., keep swimming."

I will keep swimming and I will keep learning lessons. Every once in a while I need that life preserver to hang on to for a bit... but eventually I let go and get back out there on my own!


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