Monday, January 6, 2014

New Kicks

January 6, 2014

Today was an interesting day for a few reasons. I woke up with a great mindset, albeit I didnt sleep really well. I partook in my "normal" routine for the morning and headed to the gym. I was pretty excited to start this new training cycle and really pumped for a 1RM front squat! Like the first day of school I talked about yesterday, I was even all hooked up with  my new kicks!

Hubs and I had a little bit of fun at the Reebok outlet this weekend!! Two pairs of Nanos and a pair of Oly's each and we are ready to go!

What was the problem? I have come to learn that I do not perform well if I do not eat enough the day before a workout, I find this happens on Mondays a lot. I am by no means making excuses because, it is what it is, but weight was feeling really HEAVY today!

Squat session went ok. I was working with some of my favorite squat partners and we were off. I felt pretty good and we were moving right along. M has given me some squat technique tips, for both back and front squatting and I am really working on sticking with them. Sometimes, that is a hit on the ole "PR" ego... since the previous personal record might not be reached, but when its all said and done I will be better off in the end. I got pretty close to my PR which is 230lbs. The first attempt at 225 was a failure, but I know why, its all in correcting my form and learning something new. Second attempt was a success and the time was up.

I changed into my new Reebok olys and got ready for the WOD. I felt pretty good going into the workout and when it started, but as the time elapsed I could feel how heavy the weight was getting. I kept pushing and did everything I could, but the energy was lacking. I of course will not let this get to me, tomorrow is another day... its frustrating, but it happens. This is how we learn what we need to do to supply our bodies with the fuel it needs to perform.

Either way I love my new Reebok Oly's. I will continue to do all my strict oly lifting and squatting in my Again Faster lifting shoes, but I am super happy to have WOD worthy and flexible lifting shoes!

I am looking forward to tomorrow. Onward and upward... and maybe over some rings!


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