Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Write a Good One...

December 31, 2013

I have no idea how many people were steadily reading my postings... if you missed me while I was gone... or if you even noticed that I stopped writing. But, today, December 31st, 7 months after I posted my last post... here I am. You have the right to be upset with me. I mean, who do I think I am being all "never give up" and "keep reading, keep commenting, keep WODing" than disappearing for 7 months? I have no excuse. I just stopped writing. Make no mistake though... the WODing has not stopped! The goal setting has not stopped! The fire will never burn out!

A very good friend who knows me better than most, made a comment back when I first started blogging daily. "You will do it until you don't need to do it anymore, than you will stop." Plain and simple. I started this blog when I started CrossFit. In the beginning, every post was about the workout that day, the pains the aches and the struggle. I used it to document how I progressed. I also wanted to be able to look back and see where I started when the going got tough. Slowly it became something other people read and unbeknown to me, became inspiration of sorts to those just starting up. Eventually, I was posting any inspirational ideas or thoughts I had to keep not only myself, but maybe the few people that actually read (is this thing even on) my blog.

Finally, the day came... after a solid year and a half plus of writing and training... We (CrossFit Wachusett) qualified a team for The Regional. We went, we did what we set out to do... and the weekend was over. As I posted, I had my highs and my lows... but I was thrilled and honored to be there representing our Team.

A few weeks following, while I was still gung ho about CrossFit and my daily routine I found myself struggling to find things to write about, things that I felt I needed to get out on paper on screen... and I just... stopped. I was done. I didnt feel like I "needed" the outlet anymore. I blogged until I didnt "need" it anymore, than I just stopped.

Over the last 7 months there have been lots of changes.... in my life, in the CFW box, in my goals, dreams... you name it... 7 months is a long time! I have reached some personal records (a 200lb clean, a 195lb clean and jerk, a 135lb snatch, a 270lb back squat and a 230lb front squat) and set new personal goals for 2014. I have competed in multiple competitions (Spring Individual at CrossFit 2A with a 10th place finish, Same Sex Pairs at CrossFit Free with a 1st place finish with K as my partner, East Coast Championship by CrossFit New England with a 23rd place finish, Beast of the East in CT with a 6th place finish) . I have built up new goals and found new inspiration. All of things I am excited to write about and be able to keep with me for a lifetime!

Some people have expressed that they missed my blogging. I can say now, I miss my blogging too. I miss the outlet, I miss the creativity, I miss the time that I was spending on really thinking about the person I want to be and how I can get there. I miss sharing and I miss.... just expressing myself. If no one reads this, that's ok. If someone does and it makes them smile or think of things they want to achieve than that's awesome too...I just feel like I "need" the outlet in my life again.

Either way... tomorrow is a new day. The start of a new year. I will not say "the best" year, I will not say "a good year" but it is a new year. I will deal with the cards I am dealt. I am a fighter. I will never quit. Hold on to your laptops folks... I am  back.