Thursday, May 23, 2013

Stay Positive

May 23, 2013

Like everyone else on the planet, there are some morning I find it hard to get out of bed. There are some days its hard to put on a "happy" face and walk around like I have everything together. There are times when I take a long hard look at where I am in my life and think "is this where I thought I would be." I havent always been a positive person, I have talked about that before. In fact, the "glass is always half full" people always seemed to find a way to piss me off because I felt like I was just treading in deep water constantly and going absolutely nowhere.

I was so unhealthy. I may have looked like I had it together on the outside (to some... dont ask Hubs, he knows I was a walking headcase). I had more nights than I want to remember where I say at home and beat myself up over where I was in life, what I was doing, why I was stuck in a crappy job, why I couldnt afford to buy a house... I wouldnt sleep at night because as soon as I could stop thinking about school and what was due and how "bad" I was feeling... I started to think about all the things I "wish" I had going for me. It was all so negative. Seemed like I was never going to get out of that situation.

I have friends, I have a loving family, I have a husband... all of these wonderful things surrounding me and all I could do was dwell on what I didnt have. What I thought I needed to complete my life... or just to meet where I thought I should be in life.

I tried all those yo-yo diets, I tried going to the gym. It was comical. My mind was so messed up that there was no way I was going to be successful at anything I was doing with my body. Sure I could physically go to the gym, but when I pulled in the driveway I had 100 excuses as to why I didnt "feel like" going. I had this mental block... of course I was never going to get better. In my own mind, I didnt think I deserved to be any better...


Your mind is a powerful thing. Sounds super cliche. It is super cliche... but its true. If you have so many negative thoughts about yourself and what you are doing, you will simply never be happy. Someone can tell you a million times that you are worthy, that you are perfect, that you are beautiful, but until you can put your mind in a place to agree with them... you will never be that person. You will never feel good enough, happy enough... I was there. I was that person.

When I enter the gym if I was to think "I am going to fail"... just for a second, you bet your ass I will fail. I if i was to let  that dreaded "I am tired" or "I didnt sleep enough last night" or "ohhhh no not toes to bar I suck at those" take over... each and every day would be a let down. I have to look at everything in that god awful "glass is half full" perspective. "I can do this" has to be the first thought in my head.

Your mind sets you up to be successful, you just have to believe it when it tells you.
If you want to change... CHANGE. No one will change you... you have to change yourself.
Stay positive. Good things come to those who remain positive.

3 Rounds
- Jumprope Series
- 5 Pullups
- 10 Inchworms
- 15 Squats
1 X 9 Fundamentals with Bar
Couch Stretch 2 Minutes

WOD: Grey
5 Rounds for Time
- 20 Cal Row
- 20 Box Jump (20")
- 20 Toes to Bar
(22:00 Rx)


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