Monday, May 13, 2013


May 13, 2013

Yeah, so I feel like the last few days... weeks even have been insanely intense for me. I have been on a roller coaster of emotions... so what better way to remedy that with... a little humor!

Its easy to get wrapped up in the stress and craziness of training and competing and failing and succeeding... so many highs and lows. What I have decided to do is take a step back. Remember where I have come from, the goals I have set for myself and where I am today. Open my eyes and smile the biggest smile that I can spread across my face. I wouldn't be me if I didn't add the stress and emotion to everything I do.

I love this shit. I wouldn't do it if I didn't.

I also love Pinky and the Brain...

... and squats!

3 Rounds
- 5 Burpees
- 10 Ring Rows
- 15 Squats
1 X 9 Fundamentals

3 X 5 Back Squat @ 70% (170lbs)

MU Transitions

- 3/1 Burpee/Muscle Up
- 10 Wall Ball
- 10 DB Snatches (50lbs)
Rest 1:1


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