Monday, May 13, 2013

Its Deadlift Day!

May 9, 2013

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day!! I was really really excited to see the WODs released last night and read about the standards. Of course the terrifying feeling of not having a muscle up has passed through my head over and over... and that is one BIG fish I have to learn to fry... and quick!

Now, the way they have structured the WOD's this year for teams is  little different. There are two WOD's every day. Each of the 6 teammates will have to complete at least one WOD a day that will also include the rest of the 5 teammates. The second (or first) WOD on each day will be just one man and one woman from each team. All three of each gender have to perform one of the 2 person workouts and all three of the 6 person workouts.

It was pretty clear that of the three, day two was right up my alley. I can do Jackie, but I have tough time with pullups. I would be ok with the walking lunges and oh presses... but my double unders and handstand pushups are not so hot. Alas, the crossfit gods answered my prayers and included a heavy deadlift in  a workout! Hoooooray!

Today JM and I were side by side kicking 2013 Team WOD #5's butt!! It was great!! The deadlift is heavy and it takes everything you have inside you to keep pushing through the 21-15-9... but god it feels so good to lift heavy shit!

I am excited for the next few days of challenging WODs. We will be completing all of them to see how well all 4 teammates do. Just ONE WEEK left until the Regional!

Lets do this CFW!

3 Rounds
- 20 Double Unders
- 10 Situps
- 10 Back Extensions
- 10 Pushups
- 10 Scorpions
1 X 9 Fundamentals

7 Minutes to Establish 3RM OH Squat
(150lbs PERSONAL BEST!!)

WOD: 2013 Regional WOD #5
21-15-9 (10 min cap)
- Deadlift (185lbs)
- Box Jumps (24" Box)
(4:58 Rx)


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