Monday, May 27, 2013

I guess I'm the Elephant

May 26, 2013

I am not sure which one I am... I guess the elephant...

I will say the statement is 100% true. I will also say that if you told me that someday I would be out voluntarily running on a Saturday/Sunday morning or afternoon just for the "fun" of it, I would call you crazy! 

I have come to realize that I can no longer say I am not a runner. I am certainly not the best runner on the planet, but getting together with a friend and enjoying the outdoors just chatting and running an easy pace has become something I really love. I am also lucky enough to have a great friend to make it even better! Funny that a 5 mile run that just over a year and half ago was pretty much torture and today was relaxing, fun and a total stress reliever. 

I guess it is what it is... I am a runner. What the?!

5 Miles (pretty sure it was about 45 minutes)

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