Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Whats for Dinner - Vol 3

April 5, 2013 

Whats on the menu? Bacon Beef Butternut Squash (find it HERE)

How easy was it to make? So I really wanted something simple this week. I didnt want to have to come up with a side, or have sweet potato AGAIN. Came across this one and thought that there was no way I could go wrong with bacon, butternut squash and balsamic vinegar! Hello match made in heaven!

I stopped and grabbed what I needed (at Hannaford, no more of that Market Basket mess). It was easy, I flew through the store because all I really needed was the beef, squash and onion. I think the hardest part to this one was cooking the butternut squash. Usually I peel and cube the squash when I make it and either have it that way or mashed. I have baked it, but not whole, which is the way this recipe called for. I cut it in half, scooped the seeds and put it in the dish face down with water like it said, but it took WAY longer that the 30 minutes it said it would to be soft enough to scoop.

I made the filling different from the directions. I didnt want to wait and caramelize the onions and all that after. So I used only one onion, cooked it in the bacon fat, added the meat than the balsamic. Than when the squash was done, scooped it out and right into the hot pan... than back into the oven in the shell of the squash. I may or may not have added a teeny bit of goat cheese to the top...

So... how was it? Delish! I wasn't sure if the squash was going to be cooked enough, but it was. Hubs devoured it all the way down to the shell. I really liked the flavor of the meat and I of course added some more balsamic to mine. I love me some balsamic! 

Will I make it again? Yeah this one I would make again. It was pretty easy, I just have to remember that it takes longer than expected to make the squash.

3 Rounds
- 20 Double Unders
- 10 Grasshoppers
- 10 Around the World
- 10 Jumping Squats
2 Minute Pigeon Stretch

WOD: Black Lung
3 Rounds for Time
- 10 Cleans (55)
- 20 Air Squats
- 15 Abmat Situps
(4:08 Rx)


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