Tuesday, April 9, 2013


March 30, 2013

Today was a perfect example of the support, encouragement and motivation that oozes out of the walls at CrossFit Wachusett. You see. There is a trigger point in everyones brains that wants their bodies to stop when they are in pain, or distress... most of the time (when not in any danger) the body can do so much more than the mind will let it. Sometimes it just needs a little reminder to not give up, not give in and fight to the last second.

Round 2 of 13.4 was on the agenda today for me. I knew it was going to be a tough one, but lets be honest... they have ALL been tough ones. I had a goal. I was going to fight for it. I was going to push and drive as hard as I could. I had to. I was counting on myself. The Open only has one more WOD after this... and I needed a good score.

We had a plan going in. I talked to M and K and watched many more attempts by other people to see what a good strategy would be for the toes to bar. I know what I could do with clean and jerks... It was game time and I had to kill it.

The support and encouragement that came along with those 7 minutes is impossible to write about. Its an amazing feeling. There was no way in hell I was giving up. I put up a fight for every single last rep that I could get in those 7 minute. When it was over... I was more than pleased...

... so what if I was 1 rep shy of my goal. I never never never gave up.

3 Rounds
- Row 250
- 10 Air Squats
- 10 Grasshopper
- 5 Handstands

WOD: 13.4
7 Minute AMRAP
- 3 Clean and Jerk
- 3 Toes to Bar
- 6 Clean and Jerk
- 6 Toes to Bar
- 9 Clean and Jerk
- 9 Toes to Bar
... and so on
(89 - 15 Clean and Jerks, 14 Toes to Bar)


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