Thursday, April 25, 2013

Not Comfortable Being Comfortable

April 25, 2013

What would life be like if everything was “easy” or came natural?  What if anything you wanted to try in life was right there for you to try and there was no work involved in getting there? No worry that you wouldn’t succeed when you tried it for the first time. No question of if you will fail.

My personal opinion. Boring. Unrewarding. Lackluster.

There is something about doing something I have never done before that just lights a fire inside me. This is especially true when I am asked to do it by someone who has the faith in me that I can do it. I may fail the first time, I may even fail the second time, but I know deep down inside that I will never stop trying until I have accomplished what it is I have set out to do.

Risk and challenge are scary things for some people. I was there for a long time myself, living in comfortability. Again, my mind is wondering back and forth from the gym to “life” when it comes to this topic. Will I ever lift that 10lb personal record snatch if I don’t put the weight on the bar and go for it? Absolutely not. Will I ever leave my job as an office manager when I know I want more if I dont go back to school or look for another option? Not a chance. The question in my mind becomes am I “happy” where I am, or am I  just “comfortable.” In life, it is unreasonable to think that things are going to just come to us. That we aren’t going to have to work at them and that the “will” to want something is enough to make it happen. Work is involved no matter what way you slice it.

If there was no reward in my life, no satisfaction and no risk, that would be a major problem for me. I am not comfortable being comfortable. I want to learn more every day. I want to get stronger every day. I want to make someone smile every day. I want to smile every day. I want to feel as if my life has meaning and purpose. None of those things can happen without risk and challenge. Nothing I have in my life came to me easy. There was no luck involved. I am working my ass off to be happy and loving every minute of it. There are up days and down days… but you know what… I cant say I never went for the things that I always dreamed I would have.

Push yourself. Make changes. Take risks. Just think of everything you could do. 

3 Rounds
- Jump Rope Circuit
- 10 Grassoppers
- 10 Air Squats
- 10 Shoulder Openers

High Hang Snatch 5 X 2 @ 65lbs

Push Press 5 X 2
120, 125, 130, 135, 140 (PR)

5 Rounds
- 20 Cal Row
- 20 KB Snatch (1.5 pd)
*had to do 1pd KB... tried and tried and tried the 1.5 pd and couldnt get the form... next time!


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