Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston Strong

April 22, 2013

I have been trying to think of a way to write about the tragedy that began unfolding just one week ago today in Boston… I didn’t put it on hold on purpose, I just couldn’t sit down and put together the words I wanted to use to express my feelings. Writers block dosent happen often for me, as I write directly from my thoughts, but in this case I wasn’t even sure what I was thinking.
Boston. The Boston Marathon. Boylston Street. Patriots Day. All such familiar words, words that I have connected to for many years for various reasons. Those reasons have of course changed over the years. Boston was the place we went to on field trips in elementary school to go to the aquarium and over time in my eyes became the hub of a social scene, the heart of Massachusetts, where I went to school, where I worked for a time, where I had lots of very special moments. The Boston Marathon was an event I got to watch on TV as a child, thinking that these people were “crazy” for running all that way. It morphed into a daytime event that if I was lucky enough to have the day off to watch I would gladly do so and cheer on strangers for hours as I made memories on the sidelines. From that, I have come to identify with the runners as they train under all conditions, raise money for amazing causes and stand at the starting line with butterflies in their stomach thinking “this is really going to happen.” Boylston Street, how many times I have walked that road? I trudged through the snow when I worked in the city, practically crawled to my car late at night after class, strolled with friends on a Friday night and walked as if I was on top of the world the morning of my graduation from my masters at BAC. Of course Patriots Day, which started as a great reason to start April School vacation and now, understanding it’s a day to reflect on the heroes who fought at the Battle of Lexington and Concord the first battles of the American Revolutionary War…

… all that has now changed.

Hubs and I both had the day off from work. We had gone to the gym together for the first time in months. I headed to a massage and when I got home we had planned to head to the mall. I am in search of a dress for a wedding and Hubs wanted to spend the day with me.  After finding nothing to get excited over, we swung into one of the shoe stores to see if anything jumped out at us. We split at the door and he headed to the mens and I to the womens. Now, talk about “marketing,” the store we were in had a TV right in the middle of the mens department. Smart! Well I looked up and saw Hubs watching the TV, he gestured for me to come over and had a look of shock on his face. That’s when I noticed the other 12-15 people in the store all standing with us as we watched in total disbelief.

In just a few short moments along those streets that so many of us have walked, ate, stumbled and ran, the happiest moments in some people’s lives became a nightmare that no American can rub their eyes enough to forget. Our precious city of Boston, torn, just like that, in seconds. The streets stained with blood and chaos as people ran for their lives and the brave first responders, volunteers and even spectators ran IN towards the blast sight. I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing.

We walked out of the store and were in shock I guess you could say. We needed to go get something to eat, so we picked a place and headed there. In the mean  time I was on my phone trying to be sure that my friends that were running the race were safe via facebook… and at that time it was really registering how horrific this was. Post after post of people who were looking for people, or announcing that they were safe. There were people praying, cursing and god only knows what else. We got into the restaurant and thank god they had a TV. We were glued to it. 

Phone calls were made, prayers were said  and everyone I knew personally at the race were safe. However, Boston, The Boston Marathon, Boylston Street, Patriots Day… these very familiar things, have been changed in my mind forever.

In the aftermath, we peeled ourselves away from the TV and turned on a movie. My heart ached in an all too familiar way for those who were injured and killed in a tragedy. The question of why was swirling in my head over and over. Who could do this? Why would they do this? What has happened to the city we live in.

I am not going to recap what the next few days were like. I can say they were somber and scary. The thought that someone was out there… who know where, who could do this was frightening. With the investigation going on I was reluctant to listen to believe anything that I  didn’t hear from an official press conference. Yes, media and social media… this means you. There was nothing more frustrating than hearing something be announced on the radio only to see 5000 posts pop up on FB, as if people want to be the first to report something… just as the media wants to be the first station to announce something. Lots of what was being put out there was false. Lots of mis-information being passed around. I really wanted the media to back off and let the very well trained law enforcement do their jobs. Yes, I know that social media, videos and pictures were all a part of figuring out who these scumb bags were… but there were plenty of “this is him” pictures out there well before the police released the real bombers pictures.

Thursday night I went to bed as normal. My alarm went off and I kinda felt like I was in a dream. My usual music station was playing AM talk… I heard something about gun fire and something or another… in the 2 seconds it went off, then rolled over. In my head I was thinking “what did I just hear” and thought maybe I was just imagining what I heard. When it went off again 9 minutes later, there was music. I proceeded like a normal morning to my car to get to CFW for 5:30 and as I started driving my radios station cut out and went to AM. That’s when I heard what had went on overnight. At that point, I was latched to the radio all day long.

Again, no need to get into the entire day… scared, confused, anxious… all those emotions surfaced as we all listened intently at the office. People were streaming various news stations and we were all talking about all the bits and pieces we heard. We wrapped up here and all went on our way. Some home to listen more and some to do what they had to do for the evening. I went to my parents house, as I was heading to a birthday party for the evening.

I am safe to assume you know how this ended.

BOSTON: The City that I am proud to call home. Home to the most courageous law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line to protect strangers, to which they swore they would do the moment they became an officer of the law. A place where military men and women proudly walk as they fight for us all with no question, seeking no reward.  Where the people stood together and fought for those who died and were hurt in this tragic accident. Never faltering. Never quitting.

THE BOSTON MARATHON: The largest and most well-known Marathon in the world… which will continue to be the largest viewed sporting even in New England. Where men and women will stand on the starting line next year with heavy hearts, but strong hearts. They will run, people will gather and cheer and the memories of the victims of the 2013 Marathon Bombing will be honored and celebrated.  

BOYLSTON STREET: Will continue to be traveled. The road will be packed with cars, the sidewalks filled with people night and day. People will walk with a different tune. They will lay flowers and teddy bears. They will think of those who lost their lives on that road, on that spot outside their office building. They might be extra nice to people from here on out. Maybe they will hold a door open, take the time to help someone with their bags… the lives lost on Boylston Street will help to provide more fulfilling lives to those their deaths affected.

PATRIOTS DAY: In Massachusetts, we observe this holiday to commemorate the battle of Lexington and Concord. I will never forget where I was standing when the bombing happened at the Marathon… I will remember and honor all those lost their lives that day, who saved lives that day, who fought for their lives and all those who acted as true Patriots that day.

3 Rounds
- 2 X Gym Jog
- 10 Jumping Lunges
- 10 Grasshopper
- 10 ATW
- 5 Strict Pullups

Handstand Pushups - 5 Minutes
Max Effort First Min
3 OTM Last 4 Min

OLY: Squat Snatch
1 High Hang
1 Hang
1 Full
EMOTM for 5 Minutes (65lbs)

WOD: Quoin
10 Min AMRAP
- 10 Deadlift (105)
- 10 Push Jerk (105)
(6 + 10 Rx)


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