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April 7, 2013

Yesterday, I attended an even in Boston at the Harp called "Blogapalooza." What is it you ask? Well its an event put on by a very good friend of mine, Joe Gill. Basically, its meeting of the "sports blogging" minds. An opportunity for lots of sports bloggers to get together, talk sports, network and well... eat and drink of course!

The Harp was a great setting for the event. Plenty of space and lots of TV's to watch every event going on at the time of the event. While I didn't partake in any of the food, I did find myself with a few delicious Guinness's in my hand... 

Not only is this a social event, but it is also a fundraiser. The 125 people in attendance helped to raise over $1,500 for the Miracle League of Boston in honor of Rich Shertenlieb of Toucher & Rich and his wife Mary. The "fundage" came from a huge amount of raffle prizes and donations, everything from Dancing Deer baked goods, sports memorabilia/clothing... and of course sporting event tickets!  

So no, I may not be a "Boston Sports Blogger" right now, but there were plenty of people there to talk CrossFit with. You know what they say, get more than one crossfitter in a room together and they are talking about crossfit! That we were! I also feel as if CrossFit, while getting huge within its self, is still on the outskirts of what people consider a "sport." Its so similar to the sport of weightlifting and strongman, where if you are a crossfitter you know the "big names" but those who dont, well, they dont really realize how big crossfit really is. That it is a world wide sport with some really big name athletes. 

Look out ESPN... we already have the CrossFit Games, lets see some more CrossFit competitions televised to show what it is all about! Prove that no, we dont just "pick things up and put them down." We are athletes. 

Thank you to The Harp and Chazz Rock Productions for hosting and to all those who came out to support my friend for what he is truly passionate about! Super thanks to Joe for putting another great event together! It was a lot of fun! Looking forward to the next one! 

Oh... and winning some Red Sox tickets didnt sway my judgement at all, it was just a BONUS! 

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