Friday, April 26, 2013

Appreciate Someone!

April 26, 2013

I get asked a lot what motivates me... what pushes my buttons, forces me to get up at 4:30am every day (with no excuses), keeps my hand out of the cookie jar and encourages me to give something a second, third or fourth try without doubt or thoughts of giving up. There are a multitude of answers to this, and my answer clearly may not be the same as others. I can easily say I am motivated by my health and the physical and mental changes I have made within my self (yes, crossfit plays a huge roll in this, but crossfit is not my life, it is something I love to do in my life).  The everyday challenges in life, the gym, work, home... the thrill of completing a challenge and the fight to get there is amazing. Self pride and ego, where I can feel good about talking about my accomplishments and where I have come from and where I plan to go ranks up there on the list. Accountability and teamwork, the feeling of having others rely and count on me is something that can not replicated. Finally, appreciation. When someone reaches out, tells me what I meant to them, that I am a good friend, or I did a good job, when I am shown or told that I am a valuable member of a team and I am made to feel like whatever was accomplished or is about to be accomplished couldnt be done without me... wow... its overwhelming and without question gives a boost to keep on going.

Appreciation.We have all heard the words "you never fully appreciate what you have until you don't have it." I think its funny that we all hear that phrase and nod in agreement. We have all whispered it to ourselves or kept it in our thoughts more often than we want to admit. However, we still seem to forget the importance in showing our appreciation to whomever is deserving of it whenever we get the chance so we dont run the risk of losing it. Dont let the opportunity slip away, dont let whatever it is go unnoticed, you never know what a sliver of appreciation might do to change someones day, month, life.

When I began talking (and my brother stopped talking for me) as a child, one of the first things taught to me was "thank you." When given something in any context a "thank you" was given in response. When told something a "thank you" was given in response and when something was done for me "thank you" was right there to show the person/people gratitude and appreciation for their actions or words. Those are the easy ones. The things that are given to or said to you directly. A lesson in manners will teach you how to say "thank you."

Remember, appreciation goes beyond the "easy" things. Its important not to take for granted the things in life that motivate us, inspire us and keep us going. Saying thank you when someone does something for you or says something to you is one thing... but showing your appreciation to someone just for being a part of your life or inspiring you by virtue of something they have said or done for someone else or even for themselves is HUGE. When I have been told one of my blog posts have inspired someone to make a change in their life, look at something with a new light or step back and see what it is that others see in them is really true, its a totally indescribable feeling. That is one of my biggest motivators, if I can influence just one life with my words and feelings at the same time clearing my mind and keeping my self sane... why not! Why do I write my blog? To keep myself motivated and with hope, motivate someone else at the same time.

Last night I was invited to a dinner to get together the team that was involved in the last job that I did. It was sort of a "wrap up" so to speak. I wasnt sure what to expect, except that I knew I would be surrounded by men and some that are of high stature within their companies. The Boss-man (owner of my company) was there, my supervisor, the client, brokers, general contractor, building owner and owner of the company that owns the building the list goes on... Honestly, I felt extremely appreciated just to be invited to this dinner, let alone the pristine location, amazing meal and good conversation. Words were said at the conclusion of the meal by both the owner of the company and "satisfied" client (without putting words in his mouth). As they voiced their appreciation to me directly as well as my firm and team, my appreciation for the opportunity to work for such an amazing company, that put their faith in me, skyrocketed. Get the job, do the job, make everyone proud, show them you are exactly who they think you are and more.

Now thats motivation. Looking forward to moving forward.

Look at your life. Appreciate the people and things you have in it. Tell those you love you love them and why... dont let the moment pass you by. When someone inspires you, tell them... show them... give back to them in whatever way you know how. Put a smile on their face. Give them the reason to keep going.

3 Rounds
- Bear Crawl Gym Length
-10 Inchworms
- 5 Pullups
- 10 Pistols
- 5 Burpees

2-4 Minutes on any Mobility

EMOTM for 5 Minutes
- 1 High Hang Clean
- 1 Hang Clean
- 1 Clean and Jerk
*all full squat
(105 - Should have gone heavier, dont really know where my head was)

Death by 10m Shuttle
(12 Rounds Complete)



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