Tuesday, April 9, 2013

13.4 - Take 1

March 28, 2013

What a morning it was. Last night Hubs and I had to work late so there was no sitting around waiting for the announcement of 13.4. When I got home Hubs (who was battling a major cold) was in bed. I quickly made my second dinner, yes, I am a hobbit in case you were wondering... grabbed my lap top and headed upstairs with dinner and a lap top to watch the announcement with him. In awe we watched Khalipa and Spealer go head to head in an epic battle of clean and jerks and toes to bars. They make it look so damn easy... at the same time that they make it look so damn hard! Is that possible?

Go big or go home right?

Well this morning it was a battle alright. Me and toes to bar are not exactly friends... but I was determined to make this one one of my best performances yet because clean and jerk happens to be one of my best crossfit friends, especially when they are 95lbs.

This is what is called a "ladder" workout in crossfit. The sequence dosent have to be the same, but when the number of reps either decreases or increases as time goes by, that is what we refer to it as. In this case, the first round is 3 reps of each, the second is 6, than 9, 12 and so on adding 3 reps as long as you can muster in the allotted 7 minutes.

Went for it, balls to the wall. Not bad, but not good enough. Saturday is a new day and I cant wait to do it again!

3 Rounds
- Row 250
- 10 Air Squats
- 10 Grasshopper
- 5 Handstands

WOD: 13.4
7 Minute AMRAP
- 3 Clean and Jerk
- 3 Toes to Bar
- 6 Clean and Jerk
- 6 Toes to Bar
- 9 Clean and Jerk
- 9 Toes to Bar
... and so on
(80 - 15 Clean and Jerks, 5 Toes to Bar)


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