Saturday, March 23, 2013

Say What?

March 21, 2013

Ahhhhh, well. I guess with the addition of thousands of crossfitters and crossfit boxes around the world it was bound to happen. With the announcement of 13.3 you could almost hear the great big "sigh" of everyone competing. What is it? Well you could just look up last years Open 12.4 and you would find out. Thats right! It was the "repeat" WOD of 2013. It happened last year and "we" (those who competed in the open last year) were all waiting to see which one was going to come back from the archives. Maybe some thought that the combination WOD 13.1 was going to cover the repeat since it was actually a combination of 12.1 and 12.2... but nope.

What killed me was reading all the posts on FB (and the like), from CrossFitters world wide complaining that there was no "creativity" in repeating a WOD. That the "constantly varied" motto of crossfit was being put to shame with this workout. Really people?! What kind of a crossfit box do you go to that you never perform the same WOD twice. That you never test your abilities to see if you perform the same WOD better the second or third time you do a WOD... never mind the fact that we all perform the benchmark girl WODs and Hero WODs and post our times and PR's proudly.

Its hard to write this post because I am always so positive about crossfit and how open crossfitters are to everything. I am just dissapointed in the masses that complained about this workout publically.

Now... the positive. There was not ONE person at Crossfit Wachusett who complained about a repeat WOD. Our community pulled together, talk about how we were going to approach this one and took the bull by the horn and were ready to attack!

I had my first attempt at 13.3 today. There were good points and there were bad points. But one thing is for sure, I gave it every little piece of me. In addition, it really made me take a look at what I have needed to work on for the last year in a totally different way. What I didnt work on that I should have been working on... and how pissed I am at myself for that.

Either way... attempt #2 will be Saturday!! Looking forward to kicking Karen's ass again and hopefully putting up better fight with those damn double unders.

3 Rounds
- 2 X Gym Length Jog
- 5 Squats
- 10 Pushups
- 10 Inchworms
- 5 Ring Rows
Squat Sit

WOD: 13.3
12 Minute AMRAP
- 150 Wall Balls
- 90 Double Unders
- 30 Muscle Ups
( 150 Wall Balls - 7:09, 90 Double Unders 11:22)


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