Tuesday, March 5, 2013


February 7, 2013

The task... open a box of plotter paper...

The tool... a simple (yet very sharp) box cutter...

The result... my very own trip to the ER...

Yep, two stitches and a tetanus shot later and I was back at work. Dummy, dummy, dummy. Thats what you get when you rush.

Real conversation between Dr and I;
Dr: I am just going to put two stitches in there and you should be all set.
Me: Um, how long do you think this will take to heal?
Dr: You can have the stitches out in 7-10 days.
Me: Hmmm, well, I have a "weight lifting" competition next Saturday... do you think I will be ok by than to lift?
Dr: Err... Yeah, I guess so, I dont see why not...
Me: Ok thanks.
- Dr walks out to the nurses station and I hear him say to them... "whelp, thats the first time I have ever been asked that before!" and they all giggle as he explains...

Glad I could make them all laugh... Heres hoping I am good to go for Love em or Leave em!


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