Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Love Em or Leave Em

February 16, 2013

Today was absolutely AMAZING! ML and I had a fantastic time, worked great together and really gave it everything we had to put on a good showing for ourselves and to represent CFW!!

We arrived and were excited to get going. They did not release the workouts prior to the even, so we were all in the same boat waiting around until the first set of announcements. At that time we were told that they were not going to tell us any of the workouts until right before the heats were going to start. We knew there were 3 WODs, but were told right away that there was also a floater that had to be completed by noon time.

Of course there were all sorts of guessing games going on as they set up for each WOD before announcing what it was. Some were "good" surprises and some... well, not so good!!

5 Minute AMRAP
Men: 3 Min AMRAP Thrusters (135lbs)
- immediately followed by -
Women: 2 Min AMRAP Deadlifts (135lbs)

 *We were excited for this one. Both ML and I have pretty much the same strengths so to see a moderate weight with high reps we knew it was right up our alley. We watched the heats go before us and had numbers in our head to reach. Very excited to find out we took 3rd place overall for this WOD.

Next up, we completed the floater WOD

Bench Press Max Effort
Men: 180lbs
Women: 80lbs

*This one was a little shock to us. Neither of us have bench pressed in quit a long time. Personally, it had been over a year and a half since I approached a bench press. I was shocked to complete 35 reps! That was enough to take 3rd in this WOD as well and keep us in 3rd overall!

- Smash Ball Burpees (50/30lbs)

*Oh man, I would have loved to have seen the looks on our faces when this one was announced. If there is one thing that M and I are "slow" at... its burpees! This WOD was going to be a tough one and it was going to be a game changer for us. We knew we had to work hard and we knew we could not rest. We pushed each other, yelled for each other and in the long run, I am so happy with our performance, even if it gave us a 26th place finish that bumped us down to 10th. We were still going strong and ready for the next one!

12 Minute AMRAP
- Men: 10 Snatches (95)
- Men: 30 Double Unders
- Women: 10 Cleans (95)
- Women: 30 Double Unders

*This WOD makes me cringe. This was a rough one for me. I did my best, I worked as hard as I possibly could. Some days double unders are on and some days they are not. Today... was just not my day. M carried me, kicked ass and had a great performance. I was swearing up a storm and even had to turn around and face away from the crowd at one point. We finished this WOD 23rd place overall.

Our final placing was 14th. We are proud of ourselves!! We had a great day!! I would team up with M any day!!

Man, I love competing.

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