Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Accident Prone

February 23, 2013

Not sure what is going on but I have been on an accident prone spree lately. This morning had a lovely incident with my favorite bella bar (we cal her Black Beauty or Bella in the gym). I had a great snatch session, still hitting 115 consistently and with good form, but once I just to 125 I havent been able to stick it. Anyway, I was working up my clean and jerk and was on my second attempt at 185 and had the most ridiculous fail ever. After thinking about it... and talking to M, I realized that I did not release my hook grip. The bar came down, slammed into the top of my knees and pinned my right hand between my knee and my hand... so whats a girl to do? I pulled. This all happened in a split second mind you. I shook my hand because I knew I either broke my nail or jammed a finger, but what I wasnt prepared for is what I saw. I literally ripped the entire pad off the ring finger fingertip on my right hand. Suddenly, I have no fingerprint.

Um.... OUCH!

That hurt more than slicing my hand open with a box cutter! Thankfully we have some nurses (and others who have experienced many rips in the gym) there on Saturdays. Typically I just rip off the skin when I rip. Its happened plenty of times, stings like hell in the shower and starts to heal, but this one... I wasnt sure what to do. What did we do? Well, we superglued the skin back on... what else would we do?!

Finally, after regaining my composure, because it was stinging like a mother effer... I grabbed a band aid and sucked it up, walked it off and got ready for the WOD. We've got the Open coming up! Now is no time to waste!!

Snatch - 15 minutes 1RM
65, 85, 95, 115, 125 (F), 125 (F)
Clean and Jerk - 15 minutes 1RM
95, 125, 145, 165, 185 (F)

(continuous tally at each station)
- 5m Shuttle Run
- Double Unders
- Burpee to Target
- Calorie Row
(66/151/49/55 Rx)


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