Sunday, March 24, 2013

13.3 - Feel the Burn

March 23, 2013

I woke up this morning thinking... "my legs are FRIED." In addition to that I have been constantly thinking about how poor my double under performance was on Thursday and that there was absolutely no reason why I should not have a better split time than I did on. In fact, I have been pretty stressed about this workout since it was released. I knew for sure that my time would be better than last year, but I am just not confident at all in my double unders and that takes a huge toll on my mindset. After my horrid performance at the Love em or Leave em with the double unders and than my 4 minute frustration session Thursday today had the potential to be a disaster.

My legs were all jacked up, but as I started moving I had a feeling they would loosen up. However, in my head I was just so nervous about the stress I was putting on myself and the expectations I had on myself... it was enough to make me sick. Here is where the far above average coaching we are so lucky to have proves itself to me (as it continues to do over and over again). I talked to M and K both. They both calmed me down, talked to me about what strategy I should use. Encouraged me that I am doing the best that I can be doing and that they know I am going to give it everything that I have. Most of all, they both said "HAVE FUN." There comes a point where you start to stress over things and you forget what its all about. I love what I am doing. I love pushing myself to my limits and beyond and I love CrossFit. This right now, this is what its all about.

The next thing you know I went from maybe not doing the WOD, to standing in front of the wall with a 14lb med ball and a judge... "wait, what just happened here?" My stomach was in knots and I was about to do this again. I had a plan to get through the wall balls in less time than Thursday. The deal was to complete 25 reps, another 25 reps and than finish the rest of the 100 reps with sets of 15. The hook is that I had to rest as little as possible. I remember completing the first 25, putting the ball down, counting to 5 and getting right back on the wall. I followed that up as planned with the second set of 25. At this point, I heard my judge say 50 and I was thrilled that I was already done that many! That was all I needed to push me through the rest of the sets of 15. I didnt rest more than 10 seconds between each set of 15 and I was done in 6:29 (which becomes a personal best for me for "Karen").

The double unders still posed a problem. I just couldnt get into a rhythm. Once you get frustrated its very hard to get calm and relaxed enough to get through these... at least it is for me. I managed through the double unders in time and was about to collapse and be happy I was done when I heard JM come running to me "get your ass on those rings."  At that point I was all "holy hell, I wasnt even going to do this today and here I am swinging like a monkey attempting a muscle up I have never tried to do before." When time was up I was proud of myself. I had attempted 3 muscle ups (sad sad sad attempts, but attempts none the less) and I was done... with a much better score and split time than I had Thursday.

What did I take away from this. Listen to your coaches. M and K talked with me last year about my double unders... after this exact workout. I work on them here and there, but really... not enough. I do not usually do them outside of when they are in a workout... I might do a few warming up at a competition (but thats not really "working on them"). I can not lie and say I have worked on them and they just havent got better. They havent got better because I havent put the time in on them. Plain and simple. Than I spend the last three days stressing out about them and trying to "get" them. Um, too late.

I have a lot to work on. Onward to 13.4!

Keep killing it CFW! So proud to watch, judge and cheer everyone on week by week!!

3 Rounds
- 2 X Gym Length Jog
- 5 Squats
- 10 Pushups
- 10 Inchworms
- 5 Ring Rows
Squat Sit

WOD: 13.3
12 Minute AMRAP
- 150 Wall Balls
- 90 Double Unders
- 30 Muscle Ups
( 150 Wall Balls - 6:29, 90 Double Unders 10:18)


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