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Support Group

January 24, 3013

It is no surprise that I do a lot of reading on CF stuff. I am subscribed to many FB pages with inspirational and motivational things to keep my mind moving forward. Every day I seem to come across another blog or page geared towards the same dreams and hopes I have for myself and that I write about in my own blog. Whats great is when I read what is written in other places about CrossFit I find myself nodding my head in agreement with everything they are saying... which is great! At least I know I am doing something right! I do realize that my blog isnt very "original" in the grand scheme of things... however everything I write comes from my mind even if it was inspired by something I have seen or read.

I saw this on Journal Menu's FB page (which you should go over and "like" right now if you havent already...) and I had to share it. It hits home in so many ways and is EXACTLY how I feel about the crossfit community.

Many of us are trying to make ourselves better, to eat healthier, to workout more, to sleep longer, to drink less, to quit smoking - the list can go on and on.

You are not successful at this alone. You can't do this by yourself.

You do it with your support group. That close group of people who you can trust, the group of people that you can tell them about your newest push to cut dairy out of your diet or to WOD 5 times a week.

The group that you know won't make fun of you if you fail, but instead will call you up, ask you why you missed the workout. They are the people who will slap your hand as you reach for the cupcake, and pass it up as well so they won't tempt you.

Your support group makes it happen, they help you steer clear of temptation, and guide you into hitting the WODs more often, to pushing yourself harder, who tell you to go a bit heavier in the WOD, or to just suck it up and to do the WOD Rx'd with pullups, even though you aren't quite sure if you can finish all of them.

They are the ones cheering you on when you are dead last, the ones that are celebrating your victories and lamenting your losses.

They are your support group, and they are invaluable, they are the ones that help you succeed.
I am so very lucky to have the friends and family that I do in my own CrossFit world and I find it fascinating that we are not alone...
WARMUP: 3 Rounds
- Jumprope Series
- 10 Toy Soldiers
- 10 Around the World
- 10 Spiderman
- 10 Back Extension
Pigeon Stretch 2 Min Each Leg
Couch Stretch 2 Minute Each Leg
Death By Toes to Bar
- 8 Min Unbroken
Snatch Work for Form
- 35lb Bar
- 55lb 

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