Sunday, January 6, 2013

How Far Can You Go?

January 4, 2013

This is such a true statement. Honestly, when you think about it... how could one get where they want to be if they dont try to get there? Sometimes you have to put yourself out there and take a risk in order to achieve the ultimate goal, if you dont take those risks, you may wind up stuck right where you are "comfortable."

Taking risks can be scary. You never know what the outcome is going to be. Its so easy to just breeze through life down the middle road. Sure, there are days where you daydream about the "what if's" and the "where I would be" things... but you have to remember why you arent doing those things. What in life happened to make you take the path you wound up taking. Is there any way to get back on the track you lost?  Can you make those "what if" things become reality? It is never to late to be and do what you want... 

Keep taking risks, keep pushing towards your goals... who knows where it might take you!

3 Rounds
- 10 Air Squats
- 10 Grasshopper
- 10 Back Extensions
- 5 Knees to Elbows
- 10 Around the Worlds
2 Minute Squat Sit @ Rack

5 X 1 Push Press
105, 125, 135, 135, 145

WOD: Eclipse
-Thrusters (65)
- Burpees
(4:40 Rx)


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