Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Write a Good One...

December 31, 2013

I have no idea how many people were steadily reading my postings... if you missed me while I was gone... or if you even noticed that I stopped writing. But, today, December 31st, 7 months after I posted my last post... here I am. You have the right to be upset with me. I mean, who do I think I am being all "never give up" and "keep reading, keep commenting, keep WODing" than disappearing for 7 months? I have no excuse. I just stopped writing. Make no mistake though... the WODing has not stopped! The goal setting has not stopped! The fire will never burn out!

A very good friend who knows me better than most, made a comment back when I first started blogging daily. "You will do it until you don't need to do it anymore, than you will stop." Plain and simple. I started this blog when I started CrossFit. In the beginning, every post was about the workout that day, the pains the aches and the struggle. I used it to document how I progressed. I also wanted to be able to look back and see where I started when the going got tough. Slowly it became something other people read and unbeknown to me, became inspiration of sorts to those just starting up. Eventually, I was posting any inspirational ideas or thoughts I had to keep not only myself, but maybe the few people that actually read (is this thing even on) my blog.

Finally, the day came... after a solid year and a half plus of writing and training... We (CrossFit Wachusett) qualified a team for The Regional. We went, we did what we set out to do... and the weekend was over. As I posted, I had my highs and my lows... but I was thrilled and honored to be there representing our Team.

A few weeks following, while I was still gung ho about CrossFit and my daily routine I found myself struggling to find things to write about, things that I felt I needed to get out on paper on screen... and I just... stopped. I was done. I didnt feel like I "needed" the outlet anymore. I blogged until I didnt "need" it anymore, than I just stopped.

Over the last 7 months there have been lots of changes.... in my life, in the CFW box, in my goals, dreams... you name it... 7 months is a long time! I have reached some personal records (a 200lb clean, a 195lb clean and jerk, a 135lb snatch, a 270lb back squat and a 230lb front squat) and set new personal goals for 2014. I have competed in multiple competitions (Spring Individual at CrossFit 2A with a 10th place finish, Same Sex Pairs at CrossFit Free with a 1st place finish with K as my partner, East Coast Championship by CrossFit New England with a 23rd place finish, Beast of the East in CT with a 6th place finish) . I have built up new goals and found new inspiration. All of things I am excited to write about and be able to keep with me for a lifetime!

Some people have expressed that they missed my blogging. I can say now, I miss my blogging too. I miss the outlet, I miss the creativity, I miss the time that I was spending on really thinking about the person I want to be and how I can get there. I miss sharing and I miss.... just expressing myself. If no one reads this, that's ok. If someone does and it makes them smile or think of things they want to achieve than that's awesome too...I just feel like I "need" the outlet in my life again.

Either way... tomorrow is a new day. The start of a new year. I will not say "the best" year, I will not say "a good year" but it is a new year. I will deal with the cards I am dealt. I am a fighter. I will never quit. Hold on to your laptops folks... I am  back.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

What Have You Done Today

May 30, 2013

I was looking for a good image to "sum up" my day today... and there were plenty with the "finish each day and be done with it" quote from Emmerson... however I felt as if they were too "pretty" to sum up how I feel right now. When I came across this one, I laughed. I needed to laugh. So here it is:

Today was just one of those days. Not sure where it started or why... but I can not wait until my head can hit the pillow tonight. I slept terrible last night which probably played a massive roll in my "bitch-tastic" mood. I dont get a lot of sleep at night to begin with, so when I am up for 2 hours tossing and turning in the middle of the night it results in a pretty horrible day to follow.

Days like today are days that I get frustrated at mundane things. I start to fall back into my old habits. As I said to one of the guys I work with today "Mrs. Optimism is taking a day off." Which is funny by two fold, one, I have NEVER been an optimist. I still think I am pretty pessimistic, I just have learned how to deal with it differently. Two, its just not like me to shut down and be miserable like I use to. That is the old me. In the past year and a half I have been able to shake this kind of mood within a few hours. Today just felt like I was doing what that fly in the picture above is doing... rolling around a big pile of shit and getting nowhere fast.

I do know that I am still trying to find a way out of the mood. I also know that it is not directly related to anything in particular, I just feel today should be crossed off the calendar and be forgotten. It happens. Not every day is going to be roses, sunshine and butterflies. I know that. I just hate the thoughts that go through my mind on days like this. I start to question myself and bitch about things that have no reason to be bitched about...

With that I am going to stop writing so I can just forget about the crappy day and lose myself in my book for a little while before bed. Tomorrow is another day, its Friday and I have a workout and lots of work to get done.

See... being optimistic again already. Would you look at that.

3 Rounds
- 1/2 Gym Crab Walk
- 10 Inchworms
- 10 Air Squats
- 5 Burpees
- 5 Broad Jumps
1-2 Min Shoulder Stretch with Band on Rig
Group: SDHP Review

WOD: Poster Boy
15 Minute AMRAP
- 5 SDHP (55)
- 10 Box Jumps (20")
(19+5 Rx)

SKILL: Ab Circuit
3 Rounds
- 10 Hollow Rocks
- 10 Superman
- 10 V-Ups


Enjoy Every Moment

May 29, 2013

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'm Feeling It!

May 28, 2013

Its only been a little over 30 hours since Murph... but I am certainly feeling those 200 pushups today! It was not so bad while I was at the gym this morning and really not too bad while I was at work... but the few hours since I have been home, dang!

This is the feeling I love to feel.

I am starting a little extra skill training to help improve some of my lifts. I am also going to be starting to focus on other days on goats like HSPUs, muscle ups, chest to bars and the list goes on. Now is the time to push, improve and do what I need to do to get where I want to be.

There is so much more in me! Cant wait to get it out!

3 Rounds
- Bear Crawl Gym
- 5 Ring Rows
- 10 Spiderman
- 10 Scorpion
- 10 Toy Soldiers

WOD: Thing 1 and Thing 2
3 Rounds
- 10 Power Cleans (105)
- 200m Run
*5 min Rest*
3 Rounds
- 30 Double Unders
- 15 Burpees
(5:32 & 5:00 Rx)

SKILL: Good Mornings
1 X 10 @ 45
3 X 10 @ 95


Monday, May 27, 2013


May 27, 2013

Fallen but Never Forgotten
By: Russell Berger
CrossFit’s Hero WODs are challenging tests of fortitude—but they also represent something greater. Russell Berger takes a closer look at workouts created to honor our fallen.

On June 28, 2005, four Navy SEALs on a reconnaissance mission in the Kunar province of Afghanistan were ambushed by an overwhelming Taliban force. Team leader Lt. Michael Murphy, unable to call for help from his location, walked into the center of enemy fire, where his satellite phone might work. He punched in the numbers to HQ and calmly requested reinforcements. 

Even after being knocked to his knees from a gunshot wound to his back, Murphy calmly sat back up, steadied himself and continued the call, knowing that it was the only way he might save his men. Once the call for reinforcements had been completed, he returned to the fight. Sadly, Murphy and all but one of his men were mortally wounded after a failed rescue attempt.

Murphy was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions that day. Among those killed in the rescue attempt were Petty officer 1st Class Jeff Taylor and Lt. Michael McGreevy. Both SEALs were posthumously awarded Bronze Stars for Valor and Purple Hearts. These men were fathers, husbands and sons. They were brothers to their fellow SEALs. They were also CrossFitters. In their actions, these men embodied the values and spirit of true heroes, and to immortalize their courage, bravery and self-sacrifice, the CrossFit Hero workouts were created.

This came directly from the CrossFit Journal (http://journal.crossfit.com/2010/05/fallen-but-never-forgotten.tpl)

Just as last year, it is an absolute honor to complete these workouts in the memory of the fallen soldiers that gave the ultimate sacrifice for us. I cant help but think of the families that these brave soldiers who deal day to day with a piece of their heart missing. I work as hard as I can and with each and every hard breath, drop of sweat and burn in my legs and arms I think of how temporary that kid of pain is...

I did the best I could today to beat my time from last year. I know my running has improved greatly, the first mile today was 6:25 which was probubly the fastest mile I have ever run in my life. I pushed through all 20 rounds and hit the street for the last mile. Regardless of the time cap (45:00) I decided to keep going and finish up my mile. I was almost done. I was so proud to have completed the workout 13 minutes faster than last year. It was amazing.

Thank you to all our soldiers. Today, Memorial Day, not about cookouts, not about sales... its about honoring the soldiers. I am so happy I was able to do so in the best way I know how.

Amazing job by all at CFW who completed Murph today! Kick Ass!

3 Rounds
- 10 Lunges
- 10 Shoulder Dislocates
- 10 Grasshopper
- 5 Burpees

WOD: Murph
1 Mile Run
100 Pullups
200 Pushups
300 Squays
1 Mile Run
(47:00 Rx)


I guess I'm the Elephant

May 26, 2013

I am not sure which one I am... I guess the elephant...

I will say the statement is 100% true. I will also say that if you told me that someday I would be out voluntarily running on a Saturday/Sunday morning or afternoon just for the "fun" of it, I would call you crazy! 

I have come to realize that I can no longer say I am not a runner. I am certainly not the best runner on the planet, but getting together with a friend and enjoying the outdoors just chatting and running an easy pace has become something I really love. I am also lucky enough to have a great friend to make it even better! Funny that a 5 mile run that just over a year and half ago was pretty much torture and today was relaxing, fun and a total stress reliever. 

I guess it is what it is... I am a runner. What the?!

5 Miles (pretty sure it was about 45 minutes)

Rain Rain Go Away

May 25, 2013

With all this rain I am feeling like I should be on the lookout for Noah...

So glad to be back in the swing of things for a Saturday morning! It was great to have the Oly session and workout today.

WARMUP: Oly Warmup

1 RM Snatch (15 Minutes)
85, 105, 115, 125, 135 (F)
1 RM Clean and Jerk
125, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185 (F)

15 Minute Clock
- 10 OH Squat (65)
- 50 Double Unders
than with remaining time KB Swing (25)
(6:20 + 195 Rx)


No Me Gusta

May 24, 2013

I saw this top when we were at the Regional last weekend. I laughed so hard, but didnt buy it... its pink (not my thing). However I thought it was appropriate for todays post!

3 Rounds
- Row 250
- 10 Spiderman
- 10 Pushups
- 10 Toy Soldiers
- 10 Shoulder Dislocates
2 Minute Squat Sit
Group: Snatch Warmup

OLY: Snatch 1RM
12 Minutes to find 1RM Snatch
85, 105, 125, 135 (F)

WOD: White Walker
12 Minute AMRAP
- 5 Thrusters (65)
- 10 Bar Facing Burpees
(9+1 Rx)


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Stay Positive

May 23, 2013

Like everyone else on the planet, there are some morning I find it hard to get out of bed. There are some days its hard to put on a "happy" face and walk around like I have everything together. There are times when I take a long hard look at where I am in my life and think "is this where I thought I would be." I havent always been a positive person, I have talked about that before. In fact, the "glass is always half full" people always seemed to find a way to piss me off because I felt like I was just treading in deep water constantly and going absolutely nowhere.

I was so unhealthy. I may have looked like I had it together on the outside (to some... dont ask Hubs, he knows I was a walking headcase). I had more nights than I want to remember where I say at home and beat myself up over where I was in life, what I was doing, why I was stuck in a crappy job, why I couldnt afford to buy a house... I wouldnt sleep at night because as soon as I could stop thinking about school and what was due and how "bad" I was feeling... I started to think about all the things I "wish" I had going for me. It was all so negative. Seemed like I was never going to get out of that situation.

I have friends, I have a loving family, I have a husband... all of these wonderful things surrounding me and all I could do was dwell on what I didnt have. What I thought I needed to complete my life... or just to meet where I thought I should be in life.

I tried all those yo-yo diets, I tried going to the gym. It was comical. My mind was so messed up that there was no way I was going to be successful at anything I was doing with my body. Sure I could physically go to the gym, but when I pulled in the driveway I had 100 excuses as to why I didnt "feel like" going. I had this mental block... of course I was never going to get better. In my own mind, I didnt think I deserved to be any better...


Your mind is a powerful thing. Sounds super cliche. It is super cliche... but its true. If you have so many negative thoughts about yourself and what you are doing, you will simply never be happy. Someone can tell you a million times that you are worthy, that you are perfect, that you are beautiful, but until you can put your mind in a place to agree with them... you will never be that person. You will never feel good enough, happy enough... I was there. I was that person.

When I enter the gym if I was to think "I am going to fail"... just for a second, you bet your ass I will fail. I if i was to let  that dreaded "I am tired" or "I didnt sleep enough last night" or "ohhhh no not toes to bar I suck at those" take over... each and every day would be a let down. I have to look at everything in that god awful "glass is half full" perspective. "I can do this" has to be the first thought in my head.

Your mind sets you up to be successful, you just have to believe it when it tells you.
If you want to change... CHANGE. No one will change you... you have to change yourself.
Stay positive. Good things come to those who remain positive.

3 Rounds
- Jumprope Series
- 5 Pullups
- 10 Inchworms
- 15 Squats
1 X 9 Fundamentals with Bar
Couch Stretch 2 Minutes

WOD: Grey
5 Rounds for Time
- 20 Cal Row
- 20 Box Jump (20")
- 20 Toes to Bar
(22:00 Rx)



May 22, 2013

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Regularly Scheduled Programming

May 21, 2013


Phew... I really feel like I have been in a whirl wind adventure since that very first Open workout was announced on March 6... two and a half months ago. Each week was filled with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. The weeks following, after qualifying were filled with extra training, a little added stress and honestly, a ton of fun! Finally it was all wrapped up in tight little bow this past weekend at the Regional. Yesterday, I treated myself with a nice relaxing rest day from work and the gym and today... we are back to "normal."

I will not lie. It was a breath of fresh air to go to the gym this morning and feel no stress or pressure on my own performance. One of the things that this whole experience has taught me was to really take a step back and remember what it is that I love about CrossFit.

I love the way it makes me feel. I love the happiness and satisfaction that I get from going all out on a WOD, lifting a heavy a weight or doing something I have never done before. I love the feeling of the chalk on my hands, the bar hitting my chest and the sweat rolling down my back. I love laying on the floor breathing heavy totally whipped out from pushing myself beyond my limits. I love the feeling of my forearms jacked up from gripping the pullup rack or the burn in my hamstrings from lots of pistols. I love cheering on my friends and hearing them cheer me on while we put ourselves against the clock day after day. I love the challenge. I love the strength and I love the motivation I see in myself as I continue each day to try to be better than the day before. I love that I can have a bad day, but never fail, because failure is never an option. I love that I can pick myself up and push on. I love that when I am at the gym, it is me against myself and everything else seems to disappear. I love who I am and I love who I am becoming.

Sometimes its nice to take a step back and remember why you love the things that you love...

3 Rounds
- 200m Row
- 5 Ring Rows
- 10 Spiderman
- 5 Inchworm
1 X 9 Fundamentals W/Bar

12 Minutes to find 1RM - Low Bar Back Squat
135, 155, 175, 195, 215

WOD: "From the Left"
3 Rounds for Time
- 20 Double Unders
- 20 Pullups
- 20 Hang Cleans (95)
(11:29 Rx)


Monday, May 20, 2013

2013 Northeast Regional

May 20, 2013

If you know me (and heck even if you just are an avid reader of my blog) you probably already know that I am an emotional person. I write from my mind and my heart and pretty much take the filter off with what I decide to share publicly. This isn't really anything different from my every day life as it is as an "anonymous" blogger in cyber space. I say what I feel and more often than not, even if I don't "say" it... its written all over me.

I have been thinking for the last 24 hours, since I started the trek home from The Northeast Regional, what words I would use to "sum up" this weekend. How was I going to take three days and press them together into one post. Just a few words. I realized really in the last week leading up to The Regional how much I have invested of myself into CrossFit and how emotionally connected I am to the sport and the family that I have been so blessed with within the walls of CrossFit Wachusett.

The word I have chosen to sum up this experience... could not be a better fit for every single member of the CrossFit Wachusett Family;


Its no secret that I am a competitive person. The fuel that lights my fire is competing not only with others, but with myself. From the moment I laid eyes on that field last year, I had the goal of competing at the Regional Level in my mind. I knew I was not alone. I knew the hunger that glazed over everyone's eyes at the gym as the Open workouts were released one by one, was going to be enough to earn CrossFit Wachusett a spot in the 2013 Regional. We fought, we bled, we cried and we sweat (a lot) and we did it. Our 16th place spot was secure and team training began. Five weeks passed within a flash and The Regionl was upon us.

I packed my bag, prepped my food and was on my way to The Reebok World Headquarters on Thursday afternoon with butterflies in my stomach that are oh so familiar to me. My mind was racing with so many thoughts I couldnt keep them all straight. I was trying to push the negatives out of my head and maintain a level of confidence that I knew was within me. We worked hard, we earned our spot, we belonged at The Regional. I belonged at The Regional. We gathered to check in, walked over to the stadium... and all stood in awe as the monstrosity of a stadium with empty bleachers stared us back in the face.

The next few hours passed like minutes and found ourselves gathered Friday morning for the athlete meeting to kick off the weekend. A quick glance around and I wanted to pinch myself. I was standing amongst the most elite athletes in the Northeast. Not only was I standing amongst them... I was ONE of them... Our team, our coaches, no longer that small gym from Fitchburg, MA. We are now one of the top 30 teams in the Northeast. An athlete in top 30 men, an athlete in the top 30 women in the Northeast. Holy Crap.

In the everyday world of CrossFit there are so many emotions that come into play. On a daily basis I am confronted with fear, anxiety, and what sometimes feels like helplessness... but there is also happiness, excitement and thrill that counterbalances and keeps my heart thumping and my mind thriving for the next workout. There is no difference in competition.

The feeling of walking into that stadium with CrossFit Wachusett written on the name plate which we stood behind, was completely overwhelming and exactly how I had dreamed. The stands were packed, CFW family were lined along the bleachers to cheer us on and encourage us. It was insanity. I personally had moments all across the board with emotion. I wanted to prove that I was worthy of being where I was, being  part of the team and assuring my teammates that I was laying everything I had on the concrete right than and there, with each and every workout. Letting those who were counting on me down was something that lurked in the back of my mind all weekend.

Yes, there was a moment I felt like a total failure... however with the support of my coaches, teammates and CFW family I was quickly reminded of the fight, commitment, dedication and drive that it took to get CFW to The Regional. The pouring of support was over the moon and when it came down to it, I was able to remember all those things inside me that pushed me to get to the point of my life that I am at. All those things that I have written about, thought about, dreamed about... I am not a failure. I will never be a failure. Failure is never an option.

Each day we pushed through the workouts. We all had our moments to shine and it was wonderful, indescribable. At the end of the day, no... we weren't in first place, but really, regardless of what standings were, we had made it to The Regional. We had completed all 7 workouts. We had laughed, we had cried, we had screamed for each other, at each other and with each other, we had high fived and huged...it was amazing. A true experience I will never forget as long as I live.

I am so ridiculously proud of Matt, Mike, Will, Josh, Kelsy and Choma, for this weekend. I am proud of Jen and Curtis for kicking ass and training with us through 5 long weeks, both were a huge part of the team! I am proud to be a member of such a fantastic gym filled with such caring people! I am proud of myself.

Thank you to Matt for being such an inspirational coach not only through your own personal performance, but also by your dedication to the team and helping to make each one of us the best we can be. Thank you to Kelsey for not only being an amazing coach but also the captain of our team, you were phenomenal this weekend, beast mode all the way! Choma, Josh, Will and Mike, you guys kick ass, thank you for every bit of blood sweat and tears this weekend, HAM all the way! My parents and brother who attended all three days of competition, I am the woman I am because of my family. Hubs, who gets the brunt of all the emotions... I couldn't do it without you. Finally, everyone who came out to cheer us on... especially Jen, April, Sue, Curtis, Jess, Kathy, Nicole, Paul and Beth who were there all three days and I am sure I will forget somoeone if I try to list everyone who was there for the rest of the weekend, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

Now, back to "normal" training... and onto the next competition!!  Oh... and that Muscle Up... its COMING!

The Will to Go On

May 15, 2013


Open Warmup

MU Practice (30 Minutes)


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dr Seuss Knows All

May 14, 2013

 Today seemed like another good day for a lighter post. When I saw this picture I thought it was perfect.

3 Rounds
- 10 Lunges
- 10 HR Pushups
- 10 Toy Soldiers
- 10 ATW
- 5 Handstands


EMOTM for 7 Minutes
- 1 High Hang Squat Clean
- 1 Hang Squat Clean
- 1 Squat Clean and Jerk

4 Rounds
- 500m Row
- 30 Double Unders
- 4 Pistols


Monday, May 13, 2013


May 13, 2013

Yeah, so I feel like the last few days... weeks even have been insanely intense for me. I have been on a roller coaster of emotions... so what better way to remedy that with... a little humor!

Its easy to get wrapped up in the stress and craziness of training and competing and failing and succeeding... so many highs and lows. What I have decided to do is take a step back. Remember where I have come from, the goals I have set for myself and where I am today. Open my eyes and smile the biggest smile that I can spread across my face. I wouldn't be me if I didn't add the stress and emotion to everything I do.

I love this shit. I wouldn't do it if I didn't.

I also love Pinky and the Brain...

... and squats!

3 Rounds
- 5 Burpees
- 10 Ring Rows
- 15 Squats
1 X 9 Fundamentals

3 X 5 Back Squat @ 70% (170lbs)

MU Transitions

- 3/1 Burpee/Muscle Up
- 10 Wall Ball
- 10 DB Snatches (50lbs)
Rest 1:1


No Excuses

May 12, 2013

I have never seen a group of people work so hard in my life. All 8 members of the CrossFit Wachusett Regional Team kicked some total ass today for our last "full" team workout.

You would never hear an excuse out of any mouth in that gym today. I am so so so proud to be a part of such an amazing group of athletes and I am really excited for this weekend!!

3 Rounds
- 10 Lunges
- 10 Around the World
- 10 Squats
- 10 Inchworms

7 Min to Establish 3RM OH Squat

7 Muinutes of Burpee Muscle Ups

Single Arm Dumbell Snatches

Rope Climbs and Squat Cleans


I Decide.

May 11, 2013

Its not easy to not get discouraged when you are not yet able do something you really want to do... notice I did not say CANT...

I was taught at  very young age that if I want something that is difficult for me to achieve I just have to work harder to get it. With time, patience and confidence I will hit my goals.

Never, ever, ever, quit.

Open Gym Warmup

MU Work


Obstacles Make You Fight

May 10, 2013

Its hard for me to put into words the emotions that I am going through at this time. That might seem hard for some to understand, as I typically have no problem dumping my brain into the computer to expunge it from my thoughts. I am finding myself all over the place with excitement, anxiety and  little bit of fear. I suppose that is perfectly normal.

There is one thing that I dont have, and that is doubt. Last year when I was volunteering at the Regional I made  promise to myself that I was going to do everything I could to be on that field this year. I pushed through a lot over the last year and after the Open I couldnt have been happier with myself. Collectively, our entire gym worked so hard to place high enough that we could compete at the Regional. The challenges that face me at this point are just more obstacles that continue to keep me motivated and on my toes, pushing and fighting.

I will continue to fight and I will continue to put my best foot forward as I would expect anyone else in my position to do. Every athlete that lays everything on the line with each workout knows what it feels like to be filled with emotions that are almost unexplainable. However, there is no failure here. Every day I work harder to be better than I was yesterday. Every day I face new obstacles...

3 Rounds
- 200m Run
- 10 Grasshopper
- 10 Around the World
- 10 Air Suat
- 5 Burpee

TEAM WOD: The 30's
- 30 Wall Balls (14lb to 10')
- 30 Chest to Bars
- 30 Alternating Pistols
- 30 Single Arm Dumbell Snatches (50lbs)
(10:08 Rx)



Its Deadlift Day!

May 9, 2013

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day!! I was really really excited to see the WODs released last night and read about the standards. Of course the terrifying feeling of not having a muscle up has passed through my head over and over... and that is one BIG fish I have to learn to fry... and quick!

Now, the way they have structured the WOD's this year for teams is  little different. There are two WOD's every day. Each of the 6 teammates will have to complete at least one WOD a day that will also include the rest of the 5 teammates. The second (or first) WOD on each day will be just one man and one woman from each team. All three of each gender have to perform one of the 2 person workouts and all three of the 6 person workouts.

It was pretty clear that of the three, day two was right up my alley. I can do Jackie, but I have tough time with pullups. I would be ok with the walking lunges and oh presses... but my double unders and handstand pushups are not so hot. Alas, the crossfit gods answered my prayers and included a heavy deadlift in  a workout! Hoooooray!

Today JM and I were side by side kicking 2013 Team WOD #5's butt!! It was great!! The deadlift is heavy and it takes everything you have inside you to keep pushing through the 21-15-9... but god it feels so good to lift heavy shit!

I am excited for the next few days of challenging WODs. We will be completing all of them to see how well all 4 teammates do. Just ONE WEEK left until the Regional!

Lets do this CFW!

3 Rounds
- 20 Double Unders
- 10 Situps
- 10 Back Extensions
- 10 Pushups
- 10 Scorpions
1 X 9 Fundamentals

7 Minutes to Establish 3RM OH Squat
(150lbs PERSONAL BEST!!)

WOD: 2013 Regional WOD #5
21-15-9 (10 min cap)
- Deadlift (185lbs)
- Box Jumps (24" Box)
(4:58 Rx)


Let There Be WODs!

May 8, 2013

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The "Crowning"

May 7, 2013

Here we go again...

If there is one thing in life that every "adult" learns over time... its the fact that anything can happen when you least expect it. Those things can be good, but those things can be bad... most you cant prepare for. You just have to learn how to go with what happens in life and deal with it as best you can.

I plan, plan, plan... and sometimes... it dosent matter. Live takes over and I find myself in a crappy sutiation that more often than not costs money.

Well... I just put on my big girl drawers and suck it up. Que sera sera...

Today "life" brought me back tot he dentist. I had planned a few months ago to take care of some dental work that I have been putting off due to lack of insurance. The "plan" was one crown a year... so my dentist (that I love) advised which tooth to do first. We had a plan of attack for the order in which we were going to do the rest. Well... as "life" would have it.  Another tooth had another plan...

Tell me, why do I feel so broke if I just keep getting more CROWNS?!

The CF Games announced the first Individual Regional WOD last night as  teaser so today the Team faced "Jackie." I was excited, as I havent done Jackie since Garage Games. We have all been working to protect our hands so I used some tape to avoid tearing, and gave it everything I had to get a great time.

I was thrilled to PR Jackie. Always feels great to take some time off a benchmark workout! Its good when something that makes you feel great happens to start out a day that you know has the potential to be pretty crappy!

Run 200m
3 Rounds
- 10 Squat
- 10 Situps
- 5 Handstands
- 10 Grasshopper
Run 200m

7 Minutes to find 3RM OH Squat
(125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 150 (2))

TEAM WOD: "Jackie"
- 1000m Row
- 50 Thrusters
- 30 Pullups
(9:20 Rx PR)


Monday, May 6, 2013

Fresh Opportunity

May 6, 2013

I thought this would be a great day to start a Monday. Every single Monday I get my butt out of bed and get to the gym, just as I do every other day of the week. Than I get myself to work and log into FB to see what happened after I turned into pumpkin the night before at 9:00, when I disconnect from the "interwebz" for a few hours.

More often than not I am greeted with all the cases of the "Mondays" that people post on FB... and yes, I have there too. Sometimes I think we forget that its Monday for everyone... and we all know what thats like. But days like today it kind of got to me.

Last night right I broke a tooth while I was eating dinner. Damnit it pissed me off. I just got a crown and I was really mad that the tooth right next to it is the one that cracked. No fault of my wonderful dentist  (no really, I love him and don't blame him, I blame my crappy teeth), but its just plain inconvenient. I wasn't planning on  making a trip to the dentist, nor do I really want to spend the money on yet another crown. However, I made a choice. Get really pissed and be upset that something happened I couldnt control... or... finish eating and deal with it in a rational way. Things can always be worse. At least I have teeth.

So, I hugged and kissed Hubs as I do every night before I head to "La La Land" and headed up to bed. After the bed time routine, I get in bed and open my nook. My mind, for just a half an hour totally escapes the day. Nothing matters. I am with the characters while they do what they do (and if you read the same kinds of books that I do its amazing I can actually get to sleep after reading).

After a few chapters I put my nook down and settle in to sleep. My mind is clear and ready for thoughts. In my past I have learned how hard it is to fall asleep with things on my mind so I have begun to end the day with the most positive thing I can think of (and no, this cant happen all the time... sometimes there are just things you cant stop thinking of). I am not going to tell you my thoughts for that time of night... not that they are x-rated or anything, but its a special moment for me.

The point is... I sleep much better with a positive thought. I could have been all pissed and rip shit about my tooth and the fact I had to now pay for and actually go to the dentist again... I could have been thinking about the fact that its a Monday the next day and all the work I have to do this week... but no. Tomorrow is new, tomorrow is a "fresh opportunity."

Make it right. Start NOW.

3 Rounds
- Jump Rope Series
- 10 Spiderman
- 10 Around the World
- 10 Toy Soldier
- 5 Ring Dip

5 Sets of Snatches
- 1 Snatch
- 1 Hang Snatch
- 1 High Hang Snatch
*no dropping weight, used 65lbs

Push Press 5 X 2
120, 130, 135, 140, 145

4 Rounds for Time
- 20 Wall Balls
- 400m Run
(12:39 Rx)


My Piece of Paper

May 5, 2013

Every day I wake up with the passion to push myself further. I know that I can be more than I am, that I have more potential, that I can challenge myself more. I don’t discount my accomplishments and the fact that I have reached goals and surpassed my expectations at times, but a life without new goals and new dreams would just be boring.

There are things in my life that I have not accomplished yet (of course). Some things scare the crap out of me and that causes me to drag my feet like I am walking in quicksand. I have a tendency in my life to reach for the stars in all that I do… but occasionally that bit of fear gets the best of me, brings fourth the procrastinator and the self-doubt… the words “what if I don’t succeed” cross over my mind. Totally normal, but I know I have to kick my ass in gear and understand my own words. Failure is part of the process. Believe in yourself and you can do anything. Don’t try, and you will never be what you want to be.

I use to pride myself for having a vision. I had this image in my head of what my life “should” be. The problem is… I have had to learn to let go of that (I am still working on this). More than likely that vision, the perfect piece of paper that my vision is drawn on… is not going to come out the same way in the end. More than likely… if the vision is anywhere near what I expected it to be, it is no longer on that perfect piece of crisp white paper. The paper will be tattered, torn, scuffed up, folded, unfolded, colored on and pretty much look like it was through hell and back.  You know what? That’s ok. The choices I have made, and some I have not, has shaped that piece of paper into what it needed to be.

My life, is continuously unfolding and folding. My life is one day bright and sunny and another dark and grey. Sometimes my life feels like it’s on fire or blowing around in a giant field. I have felt lost. I have felt like a piece of me is missing. I have been found and have been taped and glued back together.  Every day is a new adventure. Every day I work to flatten back out and preserve the image that started on that crisp clean piece of paper. Every day I am more the woman that I want to be. 

I may never be perfect enough for myself... but I will always, always, always be ME.

20 Minutes (open warmup)

TEAM WOD #1: Girls vs Boys
- 200m Run
- 60 Deadlifts (250/165) *while deads are being performed one team member must be in handstand hold
- 200m Run
- 60 KB Swings (2/1.5) *while swings are being performed one team member must be in deadlift hold
- 200m Run
- 60 Toes to Bar *while T2B are being performed one team member must be in squat sit
- 200m Run
- 30 Triple Unders *while TUs are being performed one team member must hold 14lb med ball overhead
- 200m Run
- 60 Wall Balls (20/14) *while wall balls are being performed one team member must suspend KB
( K, JM and Me - 21:45)

TEAM WOD #2: 2012 Regional WOD
- 75 Back Squat (95/135)
- 50 Pullups
- 25 Shoulder to Overhead (95/135)
- 75 Front Squats (65/85)
- 50 Pullups
- 25 Shoulder to Overhead (65/85)
- 75 Overhead Squats (45/65)
- 50 Pullups
- 25 Shoulder to Overhead (45/65)
*Women go first through whole sequence, men can not let the bar touch the ground until last 45lb shoulder to overhead is completed, they will act as a "rack" for the women. When women complete, men start their sequence and women will be the "rack" for the men. 
(ML, W, JM & Me - 25min Time Cap, Men got to second set of pullups, 35 reps)


Sunday, May 5, 2013

It Affects You

May 4, 2013

5K Jog 

Whats for Dinner - Vol 7

May 3, 2013

Whats on the menu? Chicken Spinach and Prosciutto Bundles (find it HERE) with Spinach, Strawberry and Avocado Salad (find it HERE)

How easy was it to make?  I have realized why people eat chicken so much... because its pretty easy to cook (after you get over the touching raw chicken thing, which I am doing really well at). I think now is the time to point out how NOT boring eating Paleo is. Now we could slap chicken and beef on a plate every day, but WHY?! There are so many great recipes out there. Give some of them a shot, one or two days a week make something out of the norm. Too many and you might get overwhelmed, but just TRY it sometimes. You wont be sorry (most of the time).

Now, back to the question, it was pretty easy. I cut the fat off the boneless skinless chicken breasts and arranged them on the wax paper first, than did the mushrooms. I was trying to figure out hot to minimize the amount of times I had to touch the chicken and wash my hands. I am paranoid when I handle chicken. It worked our really well and the kitchen smelled amazing just from the garlic and mushrooms.

I used more prosciutto than recommended because I used whole chicken breasts and not small pieces. So it took quite a few pieces to wrap around and hold the spinach in tightly. The rest of the prep was also pretty easy. Than into the oven it went.

The salad... WOW. I will absolutely make this one again this summer. Just a year ago I was totally against putting any type of fruit in my salad... and thought nuts belonged in dessert only. I am so glad I made the choice to give it a shot! In so many ways, in so many recipes, it is delicious!

In wanted something light and fresh for a side and this was perfect. I am not a huge kale fan, especially raw, so I subbed with baby spinach. The prep was a piece of cake. 

So... how was it? I really liked both the salad and the chicken. I think next time I might add a little less chicken stock and a little more lemon and vinegar to the mushroom mixture on the chicken. Otherwise perfect! The dressing for the salad can be used for many salads. Perfect mixture of salty and sweet.

Will I make it again? Totally. Together or separate, they were great. One thing, if you dont eat all the salad the first time and refrigerate it overnight the dressing does sort of harden up, so you will have to leave it out a bit to "thaw." Still tasted amazing, but if you are going make it for a party or something keep that in  mind. Its better fresh.

3 Rounds
- 10 Lunges
- 10 Pushups
- 10 Toy Soldiers
- 10 Back Extensions
- 5 Broad Jumps
Lat Stretch with Band

15 Minute Handstand Work
- Nose and Toes
- Handstand Walks (made it one mat!)

WOD: "Stone Throw"
- 5 HSPU
- 10 Toes to Bar
- 15 Squats
(5 + 5 Rx)
*very happy with my handstand pushups today! All 6 rounds of 5 unbroken!

4 X 400 Run with 1:1 Rest


Friday, May 3, 2013

Get in the Wheelbarrow

May 2, 2013

Last year around this time I was invited to an IIDA (International Interior Design Association)Leadership Breakfast where the keynote speaker was amazing... you can read that post HERE if you are interested. A co-worker and friend of mine were invited be the same rep that we have worked with many times to attend for a second time this year. After the positive results last time we gladly accepted (even it it meant that I have to miss the AM session and hit the 5:30pm class at CFW, always good to change things up every now and again). 

We all know how speakers can be. Totally hit or miss. Occasionally, you get a total flop where all you hear in your head while the person is talking are sounds like the teacher in Charlie Brown Cartoons... "waaahhh wah, wooow, waaaa, wooow," you look at your watch 1000 times and hope to god you can be put out of your misery soon... awful.

The IIDA has proven to me now for the second time, that they are terrific at picking their motivational leadership speaker. This man, Chester Elton, was completely engaging, very emotional, passionate, relate-able and had a perfect mixture of fact, humor and seriousness. The time flew by while he was talking and before we knew it he was wrapping up... I didnt want it to end, and I wanted to go hug the man for the inspiration he gave me.

He was there talking about a book that he co-wrote called "All In." He explained that he and co-author Adrian Gotstick thought long and hard about their sub title; "How the Best Managers Create a Culture of Belief and Drive Big Results." They wanted to be sure they were attracting the correct audience and engaging your mind as to how to achieve these results before you even picked up the book. I am fortunately a proud owner of this book now (thanks to our rep Sarah from Teknion) and I cant wait to read it.  

Ches (as he called himself), talked about many things in the time he had, but I wanted to talk about one of the topics that he covered that keeps sticking out in my head. There is a chapter in the book that covers this called "Get in the wheelbarrow," but the quote that he said while speaking that stuck with me is "there is a difference between believing and actually getting in the wheelbarrow." Let me outline the story (I'll try to make it short).

In 1859 a French tightrope walker called the Great Blondin attempted to cross Niagra Falls on a three-inch chord. Twenty five thousand people showed to watch him... and of course he succeeded. The book says not only did he do it "without a stumble, but even paused to perform a back somersault on his way back." As Ches was telling the story he pauses at this point and says, "can you do the same trick 100 times and expect people to be impressed?" Of course not. The Great Blondin had to come up with something new each of the 8 times he crossed. Ches told us that one time he showed with a wheelbarrow and stopped in the middle of the rope and took out a grill and cooked an omelet (and added a joke that it was because he was french).

Finally, one day he showed with his wheelbarrow, with all his loyal fans watching and this is what happened...

"Do you believe I can cross the falls with this wheelbarrow?" He called out.
"Yes!" they yelled as one.
"Wonderful," he said. "Than who will get in?"
Many in the crowed laughed but than fell silent as they realized he wasnt joking. Blondin waited as the seconds ticked by...
... There were no takers. Blondin had hoped his fans would believe, as he did, in his infallible prowess on the high wire. They said they did, but they really didn't."
The story goes on that Blondin's manager steps up to voulenteer, however he passed on the offer. Blondin never actually intended on having anyone get into the wheelbarrow, but he wanted to see how much trust his loyal fans had in him.

So, clearly the book (and seminar) were not all about The Great Blondin... but the message that was put across through the story. It is one thing for the people who you are around and sharing your life with (in a general sense) and working with (in a business sense) tell you they believe in you and your ideas, few of them may actually have the "all in" attitude. However, when the perfect match comes a long and that person/people truly believe in your ideas and goals and you are given that extra push, the result will be extraordinary.

In a nutshell, the Chase talked about culture, the way culture impacts our performance and understanding really how big of an impact it really has. He talks about culture in the workplace, but clearly, I am going to talk about the crossfit culture for a second (realistically this can apply to life in general... but hey its a CF blog right)...  

When I walk into CFW the culture is crystal clear to me. Its positive, strong, motivating and friendly. When I am there I feel like I am on top of the world. People there, whether for their first workout or 100th workout are sucked into the atmosphere and are motivated to just keep going. You feel as if everyone around you believes in you, wants you to succeed and will give you every ounce of push they can to help you do so. What you are doing there matters... no matter what. The focus is positive reienforcement and more often than not you hear someone mention to a noobie "the people here are great." They say nothing about "its cheaper here than that other place" or "you will be lifting 300lbs in a month," its not about that... its about the culture that has been created at CFW. The people matter. The energy matters. That is where success is born.

On the other hand, if people came in there and the energy was low, focus was kept on those in the limelight, noobs were ignored and it was combative and dysfunctional... do you think people would return. Absolutely not.

Culture matters... trust matters... now, get off your butts and get in the CFW Wheelbarrow.

Check out Chester Elton HERE
Buy the Book HERE

3 Rounds
- 10 Inchworms
- 10 Abmat Situps
- 10 Jumping Squats
- 10 Ring Rows
- 10 Scorpions

5 X 1 High Hang Snatch (65)
*really worked on form and moving my feet, getting rid of the "jump"

WOD: Bar Complex
EMOTM for 20 Min
- 3 Deadlift (115)
- 3 Squat Clean (115)
- 3 Jerk (115)
*score is how many completed rounds
(19 Rounds)



Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Way Back Wednesday

May 1, 2013

If you want to check out the posts from Team Garage Game - 2011 they are right here... DAY1 and DAY2 (just click on the day).

In case you dont want to read the whole thing... this is how I wrapped up an amazing weekend and my FIRST crossfit competition ever. We overcame a lot of fears that weekend. Hit some major PR's and really just laid it all on the line. So fun to be able to look back and remember it just like it was yesterday!
"I cant say enough about this experience. I cant say enough about crossfit and what it does for me on the inside and out. The weekend was motivating, humbling, inspiring, exciting, hard and fun. Its been a long time since I have competed in any type of athletic event and this brought it all back. I am so ridiculously proud of all of us. I am so so so proud of my husband who totally killed it all weekend, there was a spark in his eye that I have never seen before. My friends T and KP who went above and beyond to get sitters for their kids at the last minute to "enjoy" the weekend with us and totally crush the workouts... and I cant thank A, K and M enough for coming out for support and coaching.  I am so proud to be part of the CrossFit Wachusett family."

Team Garage Games at Crossfit Milford

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Take What You Need

April 30, 2013

I woke up this morning the same as any other morning. Felt like I slept ok… headed to the gym… had a fantastic workout… nothing out of the “norm,” and headed in to work. Things sort of turned to shit from there… No, there was no traffic, I didn’t drop my keys in a puddle, stub my toe, burn myself on my curling iron, receive any bad news or even forget my lunch at home… but for some reason the mood was at a miserable low.

There we have it folks. It can happen to anyone, a bad mood! I feel like there are all of a sudden those moments where you start thinking about things in life and get overwhelmed. I honestly didn’t get to work and start thinking about anything in particular, it just was something in my subconscious that had a sour flavor. When that happens I find myself having negative thoughts… which SUCKS.  Its like a glimpse back in time of my life when I was out of control. When I let one little thing destroy my day. When I wasn’t happy with anything. So when I start to think about things that I have taught myself to deal with in a positive manner, that I think about on a daily basis, I begin to throw a negative spin on it… not to mention the irritation that occurs when someone chews with their mouth open, taps their foot over and over again… or interrupts me when I am talking to someone.

See… even I don’t want to be around me today. Yuck!

I have been working to try to swing myself out of this mood, and slowly things are progressing positively. I think the best thing about being where I am in my life, is that I can identify that this is a problem. That today is just another day, the “problems” I am creating in my mind are not as big as they are and I can get myself turned around if I just stop letting the crappy thoughts sink into my head.

What is the best thing to do? For me, even if I don’t know what it is that’s bothering me I need go out searching for a way to make myself feel better. I have exchanged a few really funny emails with a great friend (who probably doesn’t even know I was in a mood) because I wont let  my mood define me, or god forbid bring someone else crashing down with me. I complimented some friends on FB, because making other people happy really makes me feel great too… and it is ALWAYS a wonderful thing to let people know how great they are. I chatted with someone I work with about plans for an event we are going to for work and I kept my music going and tried to make my day as “normal as possible.” Finally… the bulls eye… I went outside and sat at our picnic table, ate lunch, had some laughs and just tried to let whatever it is go.

I am coming out of this one on the other side. 

I am really proud of myself that I have been able to identify these things within myself and change them. There was a time where I was absolutely miserable day in and day out. I just cant imagine living my life like that anymore. I was unhappy with everything and had control of nothing. Complaining really just made it worse, as it just kept reminding me that I was in a constant state of “yuck.”  I don’t have much to complain about (really), while my life is not perfect, its my life, it is what I make of it.

If I want to be miserable, I am going to be miserable. Sometimes you might not be able to figure out why you are there… but it takes a lot to know what you need to get yourself out of it! Give what you can when others need it and take what they have to offer when you are in need... thats what friends are for! Surround yourself! 

BE POSITIVE... lead a happy life and take control.

2 Rounds
- 20 Double Unders
- 10 Spiderman
- 5 Pullups
- 10 Grasshopper
- 5 Pushups

5 X 1  Clean
1 Clean, 1 Hang Clean, 1 Jerk (155lbs)
60 Second Rest Between Sets

TEAM WOD: Grudge Match
3 Rounds for Time
- 200m Run
- 10 Box Jump Overs (24" Box)
- 15 Thrusters (95lbs)
(10:36 Rx)

4 Minutes 
- Minute 1 ME
- Minutes 2-4, 3 Reps EMOTM


Be Unstoppable

April 29, 2013

The first morning back after a competition weekend can be tough, but I felt amazing this morning. I was really happy that I wasnt too sore, just a little in my hams, quads and back but honestly not any more sore than a typical Saturday Olys Session & WOD day.

I am feeling great! Nothing can get in my way! 

3 Rounds
- Run 200m
- 10 Air Squats
- 10 Shoulder Dislocates
- 10 Inchworms
- 5 Toes to Bar

5 X 1 Snatch
1 Full / 1 Hang (no dropping)
60 Sec Rest Between Sets

Back Squat
1 X 10 @ 70% - 170
1 X 5 @ 80% - 195
3 X 2 @ 95% - 230

Pistols 25-20-15-10-5
KB Swings (1.5 pd) 5-10-15-20-25
(10:37 Rx)


Monday, April 29, 2013

It takes "Two to Tussle"

April 28, 2013

Yesterday CFW was represented well at CrossFit Nashua for their “Two to Tussle” pairs competition! There were 10 of us competing and we were ready to go!

What a great day it was. I have to give it up to CrossFit Nashua for hosting such a great competition. The location was great for the amount of people they allowed to register and they have a beautiful facility. We were able to find a great spot outside of their overhead door to camp out on and debut the brand new CFW Pop up Tent! As I said we had 10 competitors, but we wouldn’t have been near complete without our fellow CFW-ers who weren’t competing but wanted to come along to cheer us on and of course the “fans” who wanted to come check us out and give a good yell!

My teammate W and I were ready to go. Pumped up and anxious to get started right upon arrival! Most of us started warming up right away as the ladies clean ladder was to kick off the event! The day flew by with tons of excitement! There was an unbelievable 20lb PR by our very own M on the clean ladder which was just amazing to be there to see in person! I made it through almost all my double unders without tripping up and surprised myself on the burpees, wall walks and even the thrusters. Some matched their previous PR’s on the cleans and we all pushed through rope climbs, heavy thrusters, rope climbs,  rowing, wall walks, burpee box jump overs, goblet squats, kettle bells swings and even sand bag runs! It was a great great day!

The icing on the cake was watching K and M compete in the final workout where they merged ahead from 2nd place to 1st and took home the big WIN for CrossFit Wachusett!!

Of course the most wonderful thing about competing with our crew and even the strangers at a crossfit competition, is the energy and motivation that comes from the crowd! Our teams were all spread out in different heats and there was never a moment where one, two and even more, people were standing by pushing, cheering and encouraging each of us to dig as deep as we could to power through the event.  There were lots of smiles, lots of high fives and some really really happy athletes!

I have to say, I am honored to be a part of such an great gym. Lets keep going!!

Whoooo Raaaaaa CFW!!

WOD #1 - Clean Ladder w/ Double Unders
1 Minute at each station:
RX: (185/115),(205/135),(225/145),(245/155) (265/165),(285/175), (305/185) (315/195)
* 20 Double-unders then perform the clean
(Our Score – Me 165, W 205)

WOD #2 - “Jackyll and Hyde”
Rx: For time w/ 10min cut-off:
500M Row each while partner suspends a KB (2/1.5)
25 Thrusters each (135/95) while partner holds Plate O/H (45/25)
15 Pull-ups each (C2B/chin) while partner hangs on bar
(Our Score – 168, we got 18 pull-ups and ran out of time)

WOD #3 - 12 Min AMRAP
Rx: 5 Rope Climbs
10 Wallclimbs
20 Burpee Box Jump overs, (24”)
30 KB Swings (2/1.5)
40 Goblet Squats (2/1.5)
200M Sandbag Run (100/50)
(Our Score – 168, 1 Round + 28 KB Swings)

Overall Standings:
M & K – 1st
ML & C – 10th
Me & W – 11th
J & JM – 13th
S & N – 16th
R & S – 18th

Whats for Dinner - Vol 6

April 27, 2013

Whats on the menu? "Spaghetti" and (my very own first original recipe) Portabella Mushroom, Onion, Sun Dried Tomato Meat Balls Stuffed with Goat Cheese

How easy was it to make?  I have to say I was terrified! I have never in my life made meat balls... and I never make up recipes, I am a recipe following girl. Not this time! I really wanted to make meat balls and "spaghetti" and the only way to find exactly what I wanted in a meat ball was to do it myself!

So, I stopped at Hannaford (my usual Friday night shopping location) and confused the hell out of our friend J who was shopping at the same time. He was confused that he may have been in some parallel universe as he has never seen me at the grocery store. Clearly the "wrong" Cormier was shopping!! I assured him that everything was alright and I was just there to get things to make my ONE dinner of the week!

I headed home with the following:
1lb of Grass Fed Beef
2 Portabello Mushroom Caps
1 Small White Onion
Chopped Sun Dried Tomatos in Oil
Goat Cheese
Organic Tomato and Basil Sauce

Things I used that already had at home:
1 Egg
Almond Flour
Minced Garlic
Spaghetti Squash

I chopped the onion, added that with the garlic, to a pan on medium heat and let it cook a bit than added the mushrooms and sun dried tomato (about half the jar with as little oil as possible and let it go till everything "looked" cooked... I am so bad at this.

After that I tossed it all into the food processor, thinking that might make it a little "smaller" for the meat balls. I added some parsley, oregano, salt and pepper to another bowl, than an egg, than the meat and against everything I ever want to do... squished it around with my hands (totally grossing myself out). I added the veggies and squished some more, than added some almond flour because it was a little wet from the oil of the veggies.

When that was all mixed I started making balls. I stuffed each one with a little piece of goat cheese and sealed the ball around it. They were pretty big. Definitely bigger than a golf ball... but hey, who dosent like big balls?! Meat balls people... get your mind out of the gutter! 

After I was done I washed my hands 500 times (because really, the whole squishing raw beef iggs me the eff out) and put them in the oven at 400 degrees... for 30 minutes.

I had already cooked the spaghetti squash so it was cooling while I made these. I heated up the sauce and when Hubs got home he has his very first "Sarah Original" dinner! I was pretty proud of me!

So... how was it? Patting myself on the back here. It was fantastic. I mean come on, meat, sundried tomato, garlic and goat cheese... how could I have gone wrong! Unless of course I killed us with undercooked beef. 

Will I make it again? I have permission from Hubs... as he ate the leftovers the next day, YES, I will certainly make these again!

Pre Sauce

Post Sauce

Went to CF Nashua today for Two to Tussle a pairs competition. I will post the WOD's and standings tomorrow!


Friday, April 26, 2013

Appreciate Someone!

April 26, 2013

I get asked a lot what motivates me... what pushes my buttons, forces me to get up at 4:30am every day (with no excuses), keeps my hand out of the cookie jar and encourages me to give something a second, third or fourth try without doubt or thoughts of giving up. There are a multitude of answers to this, and my answer clearly may not be the same as others. I can easily say I am motivated by my health and the physical and mental changes I have made within my self (yes, crossfit plays a huge roll in this, but crossfit is not my life, it is something I love to do in my life).  The everyday challenges in life, the gym, work, home... the thrill of completing a challenge and the fight to get there is amazing. Self pride and ego, where I can feel good about talking about my accomplishments and where I have come from and where I plan to go ranks up there on the list. Accountability and teamwork, the feeling of having others rely and count on me is something that can not replicated. Finally, appreciation. When someone reaches out, tells me what I meant to them, that I am a good friend, or I did a good job, when I am shown or told that I am a valuable member of a team and I am made to feel like whatever was accomplished or is about to be accomplished couldnt be done without me... wow... its overwhelming and without question gives a boost to keep on going.

Appreciation.We have all heard the words "you never fully appreciate what you have until you don't have it." I think its funny that we all hear that phrase and nod in agreement. We have all whispered it to ourselves or kept it in our thoughts more often than we want to admit. However, we still seem to forget the importance in showing our appreciation to whomever is deserving of it whenever we get the chance so we dont run the risk of losing it. Dont let the opportunity slip away, dont let whatever it is go unnoticed, you never know what a sliver of appreciation might do to change someones day, month, life.

When I began talking (and my brother stopped talking for me) as a child, one of the first things taught to me was "thank you." When given something in any context a "thank you" was given in response. When told something a "thank you" was given in response and when something was done for me "thank you" was right there to show the person/people gratitude and appreciation for their actions or words. Those are the easy ones. The things that are given to or said to you directly. A lesson in manners will teach you how to say "thank you."

Remember, appreciation goes beyond the "easy" things. Its important not to take for granted the things in life that motivate us, inspire us and keep us going. Saying thank you when someone does something for you or says something to you is one thing... but showing your appreciation to someone just for being a part of your life or inspiring you by virtue of something they have said or done for someone else or even for themselves is HUGE. When I have been told one of my blog posts have inspired someone to make a change in their life, look at something with a new light or step back and see what it is that others see in them is really true, its a totally indescribable feeling. That is one of my biggest motivators, if I can influence just one life with my words and feelings at the same time clearing my mind and keeping my self sane... why not! Why do I write my blog? To keep myself motivated and with hope, motivate someone else at the same time.

Last night I was invited to a dinner to get together the team that was involved in the last job that I did. It was sort of a "wrap up" so to speak. I wasnt sure what to expect, except that I knew I would be surrounded by men and some that are of high stature within their companies. The Boss-man (owner of my company) was there, my supervisor, the client, brokers, general contractor, building owner and owner of the company that owns the building the list goes on... Honestly, I felt extremely appreciated just to be invited to this dinner, let alone the pristine location, amazing meal and good conversation. Words were said at the conclusion of the meal by both the owner of the company and "satisfied" client (without putting words in his mouth). As they voiced their appreciation to me directly as well as my firm and team, my appreciation for the opportunity to work for such an amazing company, that put their faith in me, skyrocketed. Get the job, do the job, make everyone proud, show them you are exactly who they think you are and more.

Now thats motivation. Looking forward to moving forward.

Look at your life. Appreciate the people and things you have in it. Tell those you love you love them and why... dont let the moment pass you by. When someone inspires you, tell them... show them... give back to them in whatever way you know how. Put a smile on their face. Give them the reason to keep going.

3 Rounds
- Bear Crawl Gym Length
-10 Inchworms
- 5 Pullups
- 10 Pistols
- 5 Burpees

2-4 Minutes on any Mobility

EMOTM for 5 Minutes
- 1 High Hang Clean
- 1 Hang Clean
- 1 Clean and Jerk
*all full squat
(105 - Should have gone heavier, dont really know where my head was)

Death by 10m Shuttle
(12 Rounds Complete)



Thursday, April 25, 2013

Not Comfortable Being Comfortable

April 25, 2013

What would life be like if everything was “easy” or came natural?  What if anything you wanted to try in life was right there for you to try and there was no work involved in getting there? No worry that you wouldn’t succeed when you tried it for the first time. No question of if you will fail.

My personal opinion. Boring. Unrewarding. Lackluster.

There is something about doing something I have never done before that just lights a fire inside me. This is especially true when I am asked to do it by someone who has the faith in me that I can do it. I may fail the first time, I may even fail the second time, but I know deep down inside that I will never stop trying until I have accomplished what it is I have set out to do.

Risk and challenge are scary things for some people. I was there for a long time myself, living in comfortability. Again, my mind is wondering back and forth from the gym to “life” when it comes to this topic. Will I ever lift that 10lb personal record snatch if I don’t put the weight on the bar and go for it? Absolutely not. Will I ever leave my job as an office manager when I know I want more if I dont go back to school or look for another option? Not a chance. The question in my mind becomes am I “happy” where I am, or am I  just “comfortable.” In life, it is unreasonable to think that things are going to just come to us. That we aren’t going to have to work at them and that the “will” to want something is enough to make it happen. Work is involved no matter what way you slice it.

If there was no reward in my life, no satisfaction and no risk, that would be a major problem for me. I am not comfortable being comfortable. I want to learn more every day. I want to get stronger every day. I want to make someone smile every day. I want to smile every day. I want to feel as if my life has meaning and purpose. None of those things can happen without risk and challenge. Nothing I have in my life came to me easy. There was no luck involved. I am working my ass off to be happy and loving every minute of it. There are up days and down days… but you know what… I cant say I never went for the things that I always dreamed I would have.

Push yourself. Make changes. Take risks. Just think of everything you could do. 

3 Rounds
- Jump Rope Circuit
- 10 Grassoppers
- 10 Air Squats
- 10 Shoulder Openers

High Hang Snatch 5 X 2 @ 65lbs

Push Press 5 X 2
120, 125, 130, 135, 140 (PR)

5 Rounds
- 20 Cal Row
- 20 KB Snatch (1.5 pd)
*had to do 1pd KB... tried and tried and tried the 1.5 pd and couldnt get the form... next time!


She's Amazing

April 24, 2013

Elisabeth Akinwale... google her... read her blog... be amazed by her...

I certainly am...


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dont Compare

April 23, 2013

One of the most important "rules" that I have for myself is not to compare myself to anyone else. This can be quite the challenge at times. This applies both in an out of the gym.

Clearly I believe in the importance of goal setting. Of course I feel like you should have someone to look up to, that you can strive to be like. Yes, its important to have people at your gym that challenge you and push you to work hard because you know your skill sets are similar. But if you start to compare yourself to people its a slippery slope.

There are lots of things in life that determine who we are. In crossfit there are lots of things that determine where we are in our training. Not only our physical strength, but our emotional strength as well. You can take to people who are the same weight with the same measurements and close to the same lifts and their mindset can be very very different. This plays a HUGE roll in their performance. You can take two people who have be cross fitting the exact same amount of time but are different weights and lifts and one person is really really good at body weight and one is really good at moving weight. Comparing the fact that they have been doing it the same amount of time does nothing.

During a workout its really hard to not compare yourself to others. There are times I have been the first to finish and there are times I am the last. What is important to pay attention only to yourself and what you are working on. It dosent matter what the time is and who is "beating" you. What matters is that you arent comparing. Maybe there is a skill involved that you have yet to master, but others in your class have... Or maybe there are people who dont complete full reps, or have scaled beyond their needs. None of those things matter. It should matter to them... but it shouldn't matter to you.

What matters is that you are working on what YOU need to work on. There are things that you may excel at that the others who you are "comparing yourself" to need to work on. All comparing does to you is get you really frustrated and upset and the thought that you "should" be able to do certain things. Not true at all. Every skill takes time and every skill takes work. In the gym, out of the gym... everywhere. If you compare your weakness to other peoples strengths you will lose every time.

Dont compare yourself to anyone except the you of yesterday. Set your own goals and fuel yourself to get better, push harder and see results! Tomorrow is a new day.

If it was easy... it wouldnt be called a WORKout.

2 Rounds
- 5 Burpees
- 10 Ring Rows
- 10 Inchworms
- 10 Shoulder Dislocates
- 10 Squats

Clean and Jerk
1@75% - 135
1@80% - 145
1@85% - 155
1@87% - 160
1@90% - 165
1@93% - 170
1@95% - 175 (F)

Front Squat
5@75% - 150
3@85% - 170
3×2@95% - 190

- 50 Double Unders
- 10 HSPU
(12:47 Rx)