Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thirty TWO

November 14, 2012

22 Days of Thanks 2012 - Day 14
I am thankful for a special treat.

Today I turned 32. Its kinda funny... I have to actually think about my age when someone asks me how old I am because I cant really believe that I am over 30... let alone 32. Not that being over 30 is a bad thing, or I am old or something... because I know that I am not. Sometimes I just feel like time is passing by but I am staying the same age. Clearly, thats not the case! I can say that I felt amazing last year on my 31st birthday, I was on the up and up... getting my shit together and heading in the right direction. I have to say, 365 days later, I am feeling even better than I thought I ever could. If you asked me at 30 how I was feeling it would be a totally different story. I am so happy and proud of the changes I have made in my life.

Now, that special treat... this was my mission on the way home from work. Hubs was stopping at the store to get the good to make me an incredible Birthday meal and it was my job to pick up dessert! Wow, was it worth it!

Happy Birthday to ME! Here's hoping 33 is just as good (if not better)!

3 Rounds
- 10 Air Squats
- 10 Ring Rows
- 10 Grasshoppers
- 10 Good Mornings
- 200m Run
2 Minute Squat Sit

WOD: Christine
3 Rounds for Time
- Row 500m
- 12 Body Weight Deadlift (165)
- 21 Box Jumps (20)

Clean and Jerk - 10 Min 1X
135, 145, 155


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