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November 20, 2012

22 Days of Thanks 2012 - Day 22
I am thankful for my body.

I think we all have a tendency to take our body for granted. We never really think of the things we have that others dont. We dont really understand that some people live in pain on a daily basis. We try to understand eating disorders and why people can do things to their body that we ourselves might not be able to imagine, but its hard unless you are the one in the situation.

Having the mind to take control of your body and teach yourself the things you need to be healthy and strong is the first step and a difficult one if you dont have the eduction or mindset to do do. I have been on all sides of this... and still struggle at times. I had the time when I looked in the mirror and was almost ready to give up, just do whatever and complain, complain, complain... as if that was going to help. I had the time when I worked really hard at the gym, but still pumped my body with crap... again... not going to help. There was also the time when I "tried" to eat "well" and the time when I said "I will start on January 1st" or "I will start next week."

Eventually when I decided enough was enough and my body was "worth it" I took control. I could say I "gave it all up" but really... I didnt give anything up. I have so much. I took control and in the next few months I was looking in the mirror proud of what I have accomplished.

No, not every day is great when I get dressed. I still struggle sometimes, but not because I am unhappy with my body, but because I am unhappy with the clothes! I can look at myself and think... DAMN... I have worked hard and it has paid off. That makes it all worth it! I am where I want to be and there is no looking back, only forward!

Today was squat day... and deadlifts!!! My kind of day!!

Row 500m
3 Rounds
- 4 Turkish Getups
- 10 Step Ups
- 10 Inchworms
- 10 Hollow Rocks
2 Minute Couch Stretch

WOD: Nosebleed
3 Rounds for Time
- 10 Deadlifts (155)
- 15 Bar Facing Burpees
- 20 Wall Balls (20)
(7:42 Rx)

5X1 Front Squat
155, 185, 195, 205, 215 (PR)


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