Thursday, November 1, 2012


October 7, 2012

Well, after two days off from the gym I was starting to get stir crazy. We decided upon waking up this morning that we needed to get moving. We even skipped the coffee and headed right down to the workout room at the complex. There wasn’t really much to choose from. Its off season (for skiiers) so they were doing repairs on the pool and hot tub. This means that the entire area was locked off including the weight room. We had peered through the windows and seen the equipment… most of which we wouldn’t use anyway… so we made do with just the cardio room. I am not a fan of treadmill running, but it was too cold to run outside and Hubs is still recovering from his injury so he wouldn’t have been able to come with me.  I hopped on and ran a 5K while he did a short travel workout.

Its so nice that we enjoy the same things and encourage each other to get moving and stay motivated. We could have very easily sat on the couch another morning and convince ourselves that we were ok taking another two days off (we know tomorrow is a loss) but we just really enjoy working out and the “pain” of it all so much. I am getting ready for that 9 miler in November (Lord help me) so I have to get as much running in as I can, and this weekend is the Beast of the East so I don’t want to get to comfortable doing nothing.

After our workout we had our coffee, Hubs made breakfast and off we went… to Woodstock today! It was a beautiful morning. We had read of another “art show” and wanted to check that out. Pretty much anything to be outside. We parked in downtown Woodstock (not knowing where things art show was) and started walking. I really enjoyed downtown. Lots of little shops, that we just walked past because we really didn’t want to shop, but gave the whole street its character. We did stop at a little coffee shop for a latte. Oh and it was delish! We continued walking and eventually realized that we weren’t finding what we were looking for. Back to the car we went and eventually we found it (miles away). It was much less than expected and really…. We should have just continued to walk downtown, there were a lot more things to look at there.

When the tummys started grumbling we headed to Long Trail. We are both beer drinkers, we used to be much more than we are now, but we both love a good beer. Any time we get a chance to visit a new brewery we do and Long Trail was certainly on the list! The place was packed. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a very good experience here. We passed on the table when we found some open seats at the bar. Ordered our beers, than a sampler of all of the beers and some wings. We also placed an order. As time ticked by, we realized that our food was not coming. The wings had come, but nothing else. Finally after saying something to the bartender (because we were getting ready to leave) he realized that the ticket was never put in. He handled the situation really well and we were not charged… but it was unfortunate that we didn’t get a chance to have the meal. Off we went looking for a really late lunch… or really early dinner…

This is where we hit the jack pot. We went to Charities Tavern. This is the place that was recommended the night before and we passed on for that sushi place. Now, we were both starving… but I don’t even think that had anything to do with how good my food was! I was really excited to see spaghetti squash on the specials… and it was paired with salmon and balsamic… it’s a match made in heaven in my opinion! They have a HUGE television where we started to watch the Pats game. Our waitress was delightful. It was an overall A+ for the day!

5K on Treadmill
50 Hollow Rocks (day 28) 

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