Sunday, November 4, 2012

What a Difference!

October 8, 2012

Seven years ago today on October 8, 2005 Hubs and I stood in front of our friends and families and promised to love and support each other through all things that were to come in our future, good, bad, happy and sad. We have certainly put those words to the test over these 7 years and though we have been through many challenges we have have grown changed and had many many happy times.

After working really hard and being in the "best shape of our lives" when we got married we spent the next 6 years with our fair share yo-yo dieting, trying new workout plans, different "styles" of eating... and to no avail we wound up right back where we started. Neither one of us looked at the other differently when we were out of shape and overweight, however I would be lying if that the way we were feeling about ourselves didnt affect our relationship. We are so very blessed and thankful that in the last year we have chosen to change or lives... mind and body... and we the foundation of that success to CrossFit. I can also tell you that we are extremely grateful that we have each other lean on when times get tough, when we have a weak moment or when we didnt perform as well as we wanted in a workout.

I can look back to the post I wrote on our anniversary last year and remember how far we had come in just the 2 months we had been CrossFitting. Now, 14 months in, I can hardly remember what our lives were like without CrossFit. To be honest. I dont want to remember it. Today, we both feel amazing, and have done thing we never imagined we were doing, why look back. Looking forward is the key to success. Not only have there been physical changes, but the changes in our way of thinking, our way of acting and of course our way of eating. These things have made us stronger both physically and mentally in a very short period of time.

This weekend we celebrated. We know where we have been, we know our weaknesses, we know what we need to work on and we know what we want... we are open, we are honest, we talk, we laugh and we know what things are important to one another. We are NOW in the real, best shape of our lives and are looking forward to where our life (both together as a couple and as individuals) go from here.We will continue to grow together, support one another and challenge each other for many many years.

Heres a quick glimps of our changes...

October 2005 on our 5th Anniversary Trip to Cabo

And here we are August 2012 on a weekend trip to North Conway

Happy Anniversary Hubs! I can not wait to see what another year brings us!

50 Hollow Rocks (day 29)  


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