Wednesday, November 7, 2012


November 7, 2012

22 Days of Thanks 2012 - Day 7
I am thankful for my mistakes.

Every mistake I have ever made in my life has made me the woman I am today. Some made me stronger, some made me smarter, some made me wiser... some were stupid, some were accidental and some were simple and innocent... whatever the mistake, it is a part of my life. I have learned from them and I have never let them defeat me.

I have made many and I will make many more mistakes in my lifetime. However each and every one of them have made me, me. Without mistakes I think life would be pretty boring!

Row 500m
3 Rounds
- 5 Burpees
- 10 Walking Lunges
- 10 Shoulder Dislocates
- 5 Inchworms
Group: Burgener Warmup & Toes to Bar 

WOD: "Smoke and Mirrors"
- Snatch (55)
- Toes to Bar
- Handstand Push Up (1 abmat)

Core Circuit
3 rounds not for time
- 10 GHD
- 10 Hollow Rocks 
- 4 Turkish Get-Ups


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