Sunday, October 28, 2012

Vacation Time

**Had to post some of the few dates I missed back in June/July for my archive**

June 29, 2012

Conversation between Hubs and I a few months ago...
Me: Hey look the Best of the East Eurpoa Qualifier is on June 30th, we should look into doing it.
Hubs: Um, arent we leaving for vacation to Pennsylvania on June 30th?
Me: Why yes... we are... BUT...
Hubs: But what?
Me: The competition is in Hartford Connecticut...
Hubs: Yeah
Me: So.... we have to drive right past the Hartford Civic Center on the way to Pennsylvania...
Hubs: Oh God...

Yes, so that is how it went... the next day we registered and we took off for Hartford a day early so we could spend the night, get a good night sleep and be rested up for our competition! After the competition the plan was to head back to the car and finish the ride to my family in Berwick PA.


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