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October 6, 2012

Today, another fantastic day with Hubs in Killington! While I was looking through the local paper while drinking my coffee we decided it would be fun to take a ride to Rutland for the day and see some of the local attractions. The weather was not to good, but good enough to walk around with just a t-shirt and jeans and alight hoodie. There was a great little farmers market going on that we checked out, but didnt purchase anything since we really didnt have anywhere to keep it till we got home... plus we didnt want to carry it around! But the other cool activity that was going on was called "Art in the Park" right in the square!

Art in the Park was pretty cool. We took our time, walked around and checked out the local artists booths. There were some really amazing paintings, watercolors and photographs at a lot of the booths. Of course there were also lots of baked goods, honey and syrup... giant tubs of syrup... and your "usual" craft fair trinkets and hand made blankets and baby clothes. We did come across a few jewelry booths that had some really beautiful jewelry. Hubs caught his eye on a beautiful necklace and earrings and bought them for me for an anniversary gift. He loves me.

We left the park and walked up a few blocks to "Table 24." Again we sat at the bar and proceeded to partake in a few Longtrail Pumpkins. Must support the local business! I got a delicious baby arugala and spinach salad that had walnuts, apples and goat cheese on it... I also added chicken to help it keep me full longer. Hubs had the steak salad. Both meals were fantastic! We were pleased to make some friends at the bar that we chatted up for quite a while, exchanged information and will hopefully see them soon!! The bartender was even from MA. Its amazing the people you meet when you just speak up!

For dinner we decided to go agains what was reccomended to us because we were already pretty set on going to the Japanese restruaunt called Sushi Yoshi. Lets just say we should have taken the advice that we were given. Maybe we are totally spoiled with some of the best sushi around at home... but this was not impressive at all. We also ordered some other food and it was just not good at all. The service was slow, the waitress wasnt very friendly. Its a "not good" review for that one I am sorry to say.

Back to the house we went and cozied in for another movie! What a weekend!

50 Hollow Rocks (day 27) 

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