Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Movie Spree

October 5, 2012

Today was a PERFECT day for Hubs and I. We arrived to Killington VT late last night and woke up to a beautiful view, a beautiful sunny day and a great little deck to have our coffee!

We did exactly what we wanted to do today... NOTHING. It was a movie marathon day for us. We disconnected from everything. Left our phones were we couldnt see them or hear them, we didnt have our lap tops to go on to... we just had eachother and a bunch of movies! Perfect way to start our Anniversary weekend!!

Of course we knew we would have to prepare food-wise for the weekend, so we brought eggs from home, lunch for today, some snacks and of course bacon!! Unfortunately, we totally forgot to take the Against the Grain pizza that we planned to have for dinner tonight out of the freezer at home so we decided to just bite the bullet and go get Pizza for take out.

After looking at the map that we found in the lobby we decided to give "Domenic's Upscale Pizzeria" a shot. We ordered two small pizzas so we could try two different toppings. My review of the place is that it was pretty "ok." We didnt order ahead and when we got there the place was packed. We waited to order than stood at the bar and had a beer each while we waited for the Pizza. We enjoyed the bar and the beers and were even talked to by some locals. Before we knew it the half hour had passed and we were on our way home. The pizza wasnt bad, but it wasnt great. I mean we were hungry so we certainly took care of it all... but I am pretty sure if we were to get pizza again we would try a different place.

Snuggle up and watch another flick... ahhhh its nice to get away!

50 Hollow Rocks (day 26)


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