Sunday, October 28, 2012

Europa Qualifier

**Had to post some of the few dates I missed back in June/July for my archive**

June 30, 2012

Hubs and I were both competing as individuals. This was going to be a first for both of us. Rx... individuals! So exciting and also so nerve wracking! We had no idea what to expect, as we know the Best of the East is a pretty large competition. This was the "qualifier" because the first place individual man, individual woman and team were automatically given a spot (without paying) for the real "Beast" in October.

When we got there I was pretty intimidated. I started to look around and see faces that I recognize from various competitions we have been to. We were alone so we hooked up with our friends at CrossFit Exp for "camping out." The exhibition hall was pretty packed with all of the various activities they had going on; from jujitsu to arm wrestling... and strongman to figure competitions.... flooded down the middle by all sorts of vendors. Pretty crazy. Much different from any competition I had seen (not that I have seen many). The pullup rig looked scary because it wasnt bolted to the ground and we were sort of stuffed in the corner. But... we are crossfitters... we will make due with whatever circumstances we are faced with.

The day was extremely exciting for both Hubs and I. I was shocked (and excited) to see that I hovered in between 2nd and 3rd place for most of the day. Most of the ladies I had recognized, that I consider "big hitters" were competing as teams... trying to nail down a spot at The Beast. The playing field was pretty narrow and I was happy to see that all of the ladies who were in the individuals were closer to my individual playing field. We both PRed our clean/jerk/OH squat and ended the day very happy with our performances!

I qualified for the final workout (top 5) and was sitting in 3rd place. I was THRILLED to see the voulenteers roll out weights for a heavy deadlift for this WOD. I knew I was going to perform well. Some of the ladies were intimidated by this weight, but one, the one in 4th place, not so much! She and I went head to head for this one and she kicked my ass by about a minute taking 1st in the workout. I finished in 2nd, but VERY happy with my time. She and I laughed, huged and congratulated eachother. Low and behold her 2 points and my 1 point for this workout landed us both tied for 3rd overall for the competition!

Great way to start a vacation!!

6 Minute AMRAP
Thrusters (65lb) / Burpee Ladder
4, 8, 12, 16.... and so on...
(16's + 6 Reps)

(this followed WOD#1 with a 1 minute rest)
3 Minute Calorie Row
(53 Cal)

10 Min to Establish
OH Squat from the Floor
(115, 125, 135, 145)  <---- PR

15-12-9 w/5 Min Time Cap
- Power Cleans (105)
- Pullups
(16 reps left at the time of the cap)

- 20 Deadlifts (185)
- 25 Yd Plate Pinch Carry (25lbs each hand)
- 15 Deadlifts (185)
- 25 Yd Walking Lunges with 50lb Sandbag
- 10 Deadlifts (185)
- 25 Yd Plate Pinch Carry (25lbs each hand)
- 5 Deadlifts (185)
- 25 Ys Walking Lunges with 50lb Sandbag

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